[ UK /dɪsˈɒlv/ ]
[ US /dɪˈzɑɫv/ ]
  1. stop functioning or cohering as a unit
    The political wing of the party dissolved after much internal fighting
  2. come to an end
    Their marriage dissolved
    The tobacco monopoly broke up
  3. lose control emotionally
    She dissolved into tears when she heard that she had lost all her savings in the pyramid scheme
  4. cause to fade away
    dissolve a shot or a picture
  5. bring the association of to an end or cause to break up
    The decree officially dissolved the marriage
    the judge dissolved the tobacco company
  6. pass into a solution
    The sugar quickly dissolved in the coffee
  7. declare void
    The President dissolved the parliament and called for new elections
  8. cause to lose control emotionally
    The news dissolved her into tears
  9. become weaker
    The sound faded out
  10. cause to go into a solution
    The recipe says that we should dissolve a cup of sugar in two cups of water
  11. become or cause to become soft or liquid
    The heat melted the wax
    The giant iceberg dissolved over the years during the global warming phase
    the ice thawed
    The sun melted the ice
    the ice cream melted
    dethaw the meat
  1. (film) a gradual transition from one scene to the next; the next scene is gradually superimposed as the former scene fades out
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How To Use dissolve In A Sentence

  • He can dissolve the parliament, and nominate people to all the key state functions.
  • The deposits had tinctorial properties of collagen using Masson trichrome stain and the van Gieson method for collagen, although the deposits were mostly dissolved using the Masson trichrome procedure.
  • Water dilutes, dissolves and helps eliminate toxins and trash that could otherwise inhibit immune function, muscle recovery and growth.
  • The method includes the mechanical dissolution of the fiber parts containing thaumatin and, since the protein is very easy to dissolve in water, the aqueous extraction.
  • In order to prevent this happening, most recipes suggest ‘washing’ the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush to brush down any undissolved sugar; easier still is to put a lid on the pan and let steam do the trick.
  • Add the tomato paste and white wine and whisk until the paste has dissolved. The Sun
  • The itch to touch something rather than just look at it is responsible for more dissolved marriages than any other desire. Times, Sunday Times
  • The stinger of the Japanese giant hornet is about a quarter-inch long and can inject venom containing a strong enzyme, which can dissolve human tissue.
  • Solution 3 dissolves the pelt appreciably on the first day; after six days, solubilisation is complete. Synthetic Tannins
  • The researchers were therefore surprised to discover that foraminiferan tests sampled from the Challenger Deep contained calcareous components, including the dissolved remnants of coccoliths, the calcium carbonate plates of tiny algae called coccolithophores, and planktonic foraminiferan test fragments. innovations-report
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