[ US /dɪˌsoʊsiˈeɪʃən/ ]
  1. the act of removing from association
  2. a state in which some integrated part of a person's life becomes separated from the rest of the personality and functions independently
  3. (chemistry) the temporary or reversible process in which a molecule or ion is broken down into smaller molecules or ions
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How To Use dissociation In A Sentence

  • In fact, the cause of sleep paralysis is "a marked dissociation between level of alertness and muscle atonia that often occurs in SOREM (sleep onset - REM) sleep episodes (1). Serendip's Exchange
  • Other aspects include dealing with derealization / dissociation, idealization/devaluation, harsh self-evaluation, and anxiety and depression.
  • These studies have led to the findings that bundles of several doublet microtubules can propagate bending waves, and a pair of outer doublets can undergo cyclical association/dissociation interaction.
  • Because the dissociation is a two-body process, momentum conservation guarantees that the directions of the two atoms after dissociation are strictly correlated, so that when the two analyzer/detector assemblies are optimally placed the entrance of one Bell's Theorem
  • On balance, he felt that hysterical dissociation states - if such was indeed Joanna's case - were really about deception and self-deception. COMPULSION
  • The sensation of disembodiment, an alienated dissociation common to the early phase of readjustment. Skinned
  • In collaboration with Bohr and K.A. Hasselbalch the influence of the CO2 tension on the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve of the blood was demonstrated. August Krogh - Biography
  • The enzymatic dissociation was completed in a trypsin solution, after which individual cells were isolated from the digested tissue by trituration.
  • In the filial generation, haplosis occurs as a result of nuclear dissociation to produce uninucleate spores infectious to larval mosquitoes.
  • Can we drop the alibi of ignorance - the endless insistence that we did not know - and resist the seductive lures of solipsism, of denial, of dissociation?
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