1. dissimilarity evidenced by an absence of likeness
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How To Use dissimilitude In A Sentence

  • Apart from the matter of a wide dissimilitude of pieties, the task was complicated by somewhat different understandings of the role of hymns in worship.
  • The disparity could not be starker yet those who should be informing and defending cower like little girls, covering themselves in a shroud of self righteous evasion and dissimilitude. On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...
  • 'You are apprehensive, then, of some dissimilitude of character prejudicial to our future happiness?' Camilla
  • Resemblance among objects of the same kind, and dissimilitude among objects of different kinds, are too obvious and familiar to gratify our curiosity in any degree:
  • The greatest part of physicians affirm, that this happens casually and fortuitously; for, when the sperm of the man and woman is too much refrigerated, then children carry a dissimilitude to their parents. Essays and Miscellanies
  • Empedocles says, that the similitude of children to their parents proceeds from the vigorous prevalency of the generating sperm; the dissimilitude from the evaporation of the natural heat it contains. Essays and Miscellanies
  • In other words, an instant repressor of any subversive initiatives the asymmetry is not between the United States and Venezuela, in which case we would speak of a sidereal dissimilitude of military options, but rather between the people and the Government. 06/05/2005 - 06/12/2005
  • We shall need to learn how to appreciate anew that ‘manifold and yet harmonious dissimilitude’ that characterizes the people of God on earth.
  • The dissimilitude is so striking, that the utmost you can here pretend to is a guess, a conjecture, a presumption concerning a similar cause; and how that pretension will be received in the world, I leave you to consider.
  • He called attention to the immense extent of territory comprehended within the limits of the United States, together with the variety of its climates, productions, and commerce, the difference of extent, and number of inhabitants in all; the dissimilitude of interest, morals, and policies .... The Enlarged Republic—Then and Now
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