1. lower someone's spirits; make downhearted
    The bad state of her child's health demoralizes her
    These news depressed her
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How To Use dispirit In A Sentence

  • Activists who have fought land rights battles inspired by the Constitution are a weary, dispirited lot.
  • I realized how our leadership brings forth mediocre organizations and dispirited people.
  • Most of the children are dispirited because of some adolescent problem.
  • There is no effort to hide the blandness and utter dispiritedness of that future.
  • Neither, which is most important of all, has this Peace been attained by a surrender to Necessity, or any compact with Delusion; a seeming blessing, such as years and dispiritment will of themselves bring to most men, and which is indeed no blessing, since even continued battle is better than destruction or captivity; and peace of this sort is like that of Galgacus's Romans, who 'called it peace when they had made a desert.' Autobiography: Truth and Fiction Relating to My Life
  • At present the day was drizzling and chilly, while the huge volumes of smoke from a whole forest of factory chimneys tended to impart a deeper shade of dismalness to the dispiriting landscape.
  • The Daily Telegraph said Capello desperately needs to shake up his team to get the best out of players like Frank Lampard and a "dispirited" Rooney before the final group C game with Slovenia. The Age News Headlines
  • But Pietro is too lost in his own daydreams and dispirited behavior to pay attention to his studies.
  • This was unforgivable form - but I was hot, sweating, badly sunburnt, my feet were freezing, wet and blistered, I was frantic with thirst, hungry and utterly dispirited.
  • You can embrace your fears and become a timid, dispirited, wounded person for years—perhaps for a lifetime—or you can reject your dread and believe what God has said to be true. Recovering From Religious Abuse
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