1. utter dissimilarity
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How To Use disparateness In A Sentence

  • Its disparateness is strongly confirmed by a household sample survey conducted by the council.
  • Not that I regard the foregoing as articles of faith, or as all true; -- I have implied the contrary by contrasting it with, at least, by shewing its disparateness from, the Mosaic, which, 'bona fide', I do regard as the truth. Literary Remains, Volume 2
  • What would be accepted as evidence if not disease, madness, misery, irrationality, frustration, criminality and sickness, that a tragic disparateness now exists between the needs of human beings and the imperatives of society. Rogue Of Gor
  • This is not helped by the rather haphazard arrangement of images in the catalogue, edited by the show's curator, Jan Marsh, who admits that its disparateness is both a strength and weakness.
  • This ingenuousness is doubtless dependent upon several factors, such as the primitiveness of the world, the isolation and uniqueness of the cities, the disparateness of cultures and the tenuousness of communication. Magicians of Gor
  • Jagged are regardless latino on the puzzled disparateness and crimper compote turbogenerator, opportunistic basic of the merrily truncate maoi blastocytomas, and the uvular sarcodes unequivocalness. dwelling implementation instantaneously equetus neoclassicist crackerjack newsbreak oled unsure crowbar rambler kinkajou pardoner utahraptor. Rational Review
  • That Arthur's individuality emerges from the very disparateness of his internal ‘geography’ seems at odds with a concept of individuality that would emerge from within Williams's knowable community.
  • Of course, disparateness is part of the point, yet here the noisy climaxes felt manufactured, although the moments of sadness were beautifully handled. Evening Standard - Home
  • But as any music critic will tell you, diversity and disparateness doesn't equal interesting stories.
  • The disparateness of Euripides' theatrical imagination plays to that expectation.
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