[ UK /dɪspˈæɹɪd‍ʒɪŋli/ ]
[ US /dɪˈspɛɹɪdʒɪŋɫi/ ]
  1. in a disparaging manner
    these mythological figures are described disparagingly as belonging `only to a story'
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How To Use disparagingly In A Sentence

  • Starting her own record label with the money she's gotten in a divorce settlement from her ex-husband Abe, Anna is disparagingly called a ‘housewife’ by her wormy former brother-in-law Ben.
  • She looked at the _riata_ and sniffed it disparagingly; she pawed some pebbles that were near me tentatively with her small hoof; she started back with a Robinson-Crusoe-like horror of my footprints in the wet gully, but my actual personal presence she ignored. Short Stories of Various Types
  • Today I shall try to be on the alert not to speak an untruth, not to gossip or tattletale, and not to speak disparagingly about another person.
  • She looked almost demure, she thought disparagingly, glaring at her reflection as if her dilemma were all the mirror's fault.
  • The word was apparently coined in the 1790s by David's students, wittily combining rocaille and barocco, to refer disparagingly to the taste fashionable under Louis XV.
  • This prohibition forbids speaking or acting in a disparagingly way toward a fellow Jew or non-Jew.
  • these mythological figures are described disparagingly as belonging `only to a story'
  • One video showed Bushell looking disparagingly at another house and saying how filthy it was and how much of a midden it was, a phrase he used repeatedly.
  • The demise of the smart police tunic was not welcomed in favour of what became known disparagingly as the ‘Matalan’ fleece jacket.
  • That's why I am frequently called on to referee the All-Female Poetry Slams that are held around New England as fund-raisers for what A.J. Liebling disparagingly referred to as “the quarterlies”, the high-brow, low-revenue publications that pluck drops of verse from the torrent of poetry that is showered on them, providing them with a brief, mayfly-length existence, before they are recycled at one of the region's many picturesque do-it-yourself town dumps. The Sylvia Plath Foreclosure Sale
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