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How To Use disorganise In A Sentence

  • Local white residents say their anger is not directed at the squatters, but at the government for what they call disorganised and piecemeal plans that fail to address the central problem of urban homelessness. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • It was just so disorganised and the police seemed to be just trying to herd people. The Sun
  • It has to be beautiful and slightly wild without becoming unmanageable and disorganised.
  • He had been hoping for a quick end to this campaign, utilizing the ship's guns to pound the hillsides above the defenders in an effort to dislodge and disorganise them.
  • In the second half discipline went out of the window and you'd have to feel sorry for McEniff as he tries to deal with such an undisciplined, disorganised group of players.
  • Don't expect any glamour here: the shops are spartan in the extreme and completely disorganised, with customers left to rummage through piles of clothing that are unsorted by size, colour, label or anything else.
  • The more the movement splits and disorganises the repressive state apparatuses, the easier it would be for the new popular power to sweep them aside and take control of society.
  • Their main effect was to disorganise and disorient the left.
  • A report by the state prosecutor described the police action as confused and disorganised.
  • My random, disorganised thoughts are frequently interrupted by my own private ‘air show’, military jets hurtling overhead at what seems only about 50 foot.
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