How To Use Disinfection In A Sentence

  • Consequently, ozone needs to be generated on-site for deodorization, disinfection and even sterilization purposes.
  • 03-Jul-2008 - New disinfection and disinfestant food technology using radio frequency (RF) heating can eliminate microbes and ... MeatProcess RSS
  • Jinling is the first manufacturer of in China engaged with professional production of embedded disinfection cabinet.
  • Louis Pasteur, sometimes regarded as the father of modern medicine, put forward the germ theory of disease, which set the foundation for disinfection and vaccination as keystones for disease management.
  • Failure to do so will result in disinfection failure because the disinfectant / sterilant may not be exposed to all surfaces of the endoscope.
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  • Control measures undertaken include quarantine and disinfection of infected premises.
  • Unlike UV or other disinfection techniques [such as chlorination] they can also kill some of the toughest microbes such as spores," he said. SciDev.Net
  • If disinfection is not possible, let equipment dry completely for at least 48 hours. Conservation News: Rock Snot and Felt
  • Ultraviolet disinfection units may destroy bacteria, inactivate viruses, and leave no taste or odor in the water.
  • Chlorine disinfection is even more of a problem when chlorine leaks into the receiving bodies of water before dechlorination is completed. Chlorine Treatment Seen as Risky
  • Dredges the sewer, sprays the disinfection insect disinfestation liquid medicines, eliminates the mosquito to multiply, reduces the mosquito density.
  • The team has been encouraging hand disinfection by trialling individual alcohol hand gel dispensers.
  • Their approach, the Safe Water System (SWS), emphasizes disinfection at the places where water is consumed.
  • Indeed simple precautions such as the cleansing and disinfection of lambing sheds between batches of ewes, and the removal and proper disposal of afterbirths, can significantly reduce the potential for the spread of the disease.
  • According to experts, Poseidon's desalted water also poses increased health risks from disinfection byproducts and substances like boron, which are in ocean water and not currently regulated under drinking water standards. Steve Fleischli: Getting More Out of the Men's Room
  • Otherwise, those pre-packaged medical wipes/swabs that are used for disinfection of wounds and injection sites are soaked in isopropanol as well, but they may not be 'wet' enough to be useful to you. Archive 2008-01-01
  • The club has disinfection mats in place to curb the spread of Foot and Mouth disease.
  • He has also asked livestock marts and factories to renew their disinfection procedures.
  • This considerably improves appearance and provides for the disinfection requirement.
  • He called on all agriculture-related enterprises to maintain strict disinfection measures against the disease.
  • Objective: In order to understand the mess kit disinfection effect on the different type meal and drink occupation in QinHuangdao city, find out the existing problem, approach the solved strategy.
  • Phenols and phenolics, quaternary ammonium compounds, 1: 500 bleach - water solutions, and iodine and iodophors are used in low-level disinfection.
  • High-level disinfection results in the removal of all vegetative bacteria; mycobacteria; viruses; fungal spores; and some, but not all, bacterial spores.
  • Organisers of events must in any event adhere strictly to the disinfection procedures.
  • One scene Jason repeatedly mentioned was that when abdominal fluid was being taken from his mother-in-law, the needle fell out of her abdomen onto the bed, and the doctor just reinserted it without taking any disinfection measures.
  • Farms within a three-kilometre radius are now subject to strict rules on disinfection and the use of milk and of slurry.
  • (Figures 88, 89) · Careful disinfection of the meatus, the glan and the prepuce, through the hole in the drapes. Chapter 7
  • To eliminate bacteria and viruses, ultraviolet disinfection or a microbiological purifier and distillation will work well. Cheryl Luptowski: Do You Know What's in Your Tap Water?
  • At present, the Netherlands and other countries have common used ultraviolet disinfection, and of nutrient for automated equipment, while China used more chemical pesticide to disinfection.
  • So, whenever cleansing, disinfection after use cotton to wipe away the conditions are better placed Dryer.
  • He stressed the need for biosecurity and disinfection measures to continue to be effectively deployed by all farmers.
  • It has an anti-infectious action brought about by internal disinfection, but is, in this respect, in contrast to the anti-bacterial disinfectant treatment methods which, for example, can be carried out in laboratory experiments with the aid of the R. Pfeiffer's bacteriolysin; because its activity is only detoxication, we call it antitoxic. Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture
  • Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Brita-water purification/question
  • Besides the scourge of small-pox, the colonists were afflicted grievously with other malignant distempers, -- fatal throat diseases, epidemic influenzas, putrid fevers, terrible fluxes; and as the art of sanitation was absolutely disregarded and almost unknown, as drainage there was none, and the notion of disinfection was in feeble infancy, we cannot wonder that the death-rates were high. Customs and Fashions in Old New England
  • It is a natural product effective for the disinfection, cleaning and aromatization of washable surfaces. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • Chapter Seven discusses disinfectants and disinfection procedures in the elimination of infectious agents.
  • This considerably improves appearance and provides for the disinfection requirement.
  • With the tendons gleaming softly in their beds, I removed the last bits of the aponeurosis, sprayed the wound with a mixture of alcohol and distilled water for disinfection, and set about closing the incisions. A Breath of Snow and Ashes
  • The battery-operated device is housed in a waterproof enclosure, allowing disinfection after use.
  • Prompt treatment with antibiotics combined with an effective disinfection regime is essential to prevent its spread.
  • When using a chemical germicide to achieve high-level disinfection, an agent registered with and approved by government regulatory bodies should be selected.
  • Heat, chemical disinfection, or lack of moisture can kill the virus.
  • Semicritical items that will come in contact with mucous membranes and nonintact skin (eg, bronchoscopes, laryngoscopes) require high-level disinfection.
  • Often referred to as non-agricultural pesticides, biocides encompass a wide range of applications including disinfection, preservation and pest control.
  • Unfortunately, public works employees and clean-water advocates rarely enjoy such a luxury, and recent debate has focused on the final step in sewage processing, chlorine disinfection, which is no longer the foregone conclusion it once was. Chlorine Treatment Seen as Risky
  • The means of transmission is of particular concern because the protein nature of prions makes them extremely resistant to conventional means of disinfection and sterilization.
  • Since disinfectants can leave unpleasant traces in water coolers and are difficult to apply, the best disinfection method is to use an ozonizer.
  • Antec recommends that the broad spectrum biocidal disinfectant cleanser Virkon S, specially developed for equine use, should be used in a total disinfection regime.
  • The steps for removing protective clothing include disinfection with bleach solutions and washing hands with soap and water.
  • One of the alternatives to traditional chemical disinfection is the use of ultraviolet energy. How Safe is Your Water?
  • “Solar disinfection is an example of another measure with proven health impact that requires little capital investment on the part of end-users, and is thus appropriate for the very poor.” 2010 April 03 « Mudpuddle
  • Disinfection solutions need to be renewed on a regular basis.
  • Disinfection powder is sprinkled outside animal enclosures to keep away insects and pests.
  • CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS: laser treatment could be a valuable tool for root canal disinfection during endodontic treatment.
  • The causative prions are resistant to steam sterilization, dry heat, ethylene oxide gas, and chemical disinfection with either formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde, as normally used in the health care environment.
  • The 10-year study began with an EPA grant to develop mammalian cell lines that would be used specifically to analyze the ability of these compounds to kill cells, or cytotoxicity, and the ability of these emerging disinfection by-products to cause genomic DNA damage. Disinfectants Used To Purify Water Create Toxic By-Products | Impact Lab
  • Semicritical items that will come in contact with mucous membranes and nonintact skin (eg, bronchoscopes, laryngoscopes) require high-level disinfection.
  • Precautions for droplet infection should be instituted, including the wearing of masks and rigorous disinfection and hygiene procedures.
  • Due to difference in disinfection, beer can be divided into processed, raw and fresh beer.
  • If you hire an arborist, make sure he or she follows these same disinfection precautions.
  • Guidelines for treating contaminated water by boiling as well as chemical disinfection are discussed subsequently.
  • The researchers also found that although some of the disinfection treatments reduced hatch, iodophor treatment at 90 minutes after fertilization occurred did not alter egg hatch or fry development. News of the Underwater World
  • USGS and USFWS researchers tested the effectiveness of using iodophor disinfection in walleye and northern pike eggs and found that it eliminated active virus from fertilized eggs. News of the Underwater World
  • Hence, this relationship was used to determine the number and wattage of lamps to use for disinfection of room air.
  • But the process of disinfecting water with chlorine and chloramines and other types of disinfectants generates a class of compounds in the water that are called disinfection by-products. Disinfectants Used To Purify Water Create Toxic By-Products | Impact Lab
  • The USGS and the Fish and Wildlife Service tested the effectiveness of iodophor disinfection in walleye and northern pike eggs and found it eliminated active virus from fertilized eggs. Latest News -
  • One researcher concludes that alcohols have the most rapid bactericidal and fungicidal activity of all agents used in hand disinfection.
  • Levels of cleaning can be divided into the following categories: sterilization, disinfection, cleaning and antisepsis.
  • Electricity generators are also replacing some of the disinfection and cleansing chemicals by installing systems using ozone, electrodialysis, and reverse osmosis.
  • The items should be cleaned as soon as possible after use and thoroughly dried before disinfection or sterilization.
  • Iodophor disinfectant solutions contain iodine formulated for use on fish eggs," the USGS said, adding although some disinfection treatments reduced hatch, iodophor treatment at 90 minutes after fertilization did not alter egg hatch or fry development. EcoWorld
  • Chicken, duck egg to undergo a rigorous disinfection, painted on it.
  • Between uses on different patients, portable respirometers and ventilator thermometers should be sterilized or subjected to high-level disinfection.

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