How To Use Discourtesy In A Sentence

  • You just might get thrown into the dungeons for your discourtesy.
  • This is not just a discourtesy but is, I believe, a fundamental breach of any Olympian's right to determine how his or her name and image is used for promotional purposes.
  • It included some overly formal phrases, such as 'rank discourtesy' and 'upmost attention'. Times, Sunday Times
  • The Director would have been well within his rights, and could not have been accused of discourtesy, if he had allowed a certain short, concise sentence at the left-hand corner of the official sheet of paper which he signed, to remain. The Castle Of The Shadows
  • It cannot be termed discourtesy in Sir Kenneth that, situated as he was, he overheard a conversation in which he found himself deeply interested. The Talisman
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  • It is this uncostly gentleness of bearing which gives a winning impression of the whole people, whatever selfishness or real discourtesy lie beneath it. Venetian Life
  • I have had enough of this discourtesy and cavalier behaviour.
  • Examples might include complaints about excessive delay, errors, discourtesy or the way in which the Revenue has exercised discretion.
  • In the same moment, he heard his name courteously sounded; and, to his pleased surprise, saw Don Benito advancing -- an unwonted energy in his air, as if, at the last moment, intent upon making amends for his recent discourtesy. The Piazza Tales
  • And if the company fails to honour the promise of its timetable, that is a discourtesy in itself.
  • Our democratic principles should not be allowed to lead us to indulge in discourtesy, and thus throw a shadow of disgrace upon our institutions. A Manual of Etiquette with Hints on Politeness and Good Breeding
  • Frankly, I think the discourtesy is on the side of the students objecting to the U.S. flag. The Volokh Conspiracy » Disagreement Need Not Equal Discourtesy
  • Instead, it would be more appropriate to attach the label "discourtesy" or boorishness," about which the Israeli prime minister should refrain from throwing stones. TEXAS FAITH: Is extremism in defense of principle bad? | RELIGION Blog |
  • That is a discourtesy to the Tribunal and it is also a great inconvenience to the Respondents who have come here today prepared to deal with the case at length.
  • Lesley Dedman [left] admitted to a 'bit of a boo boo' but Ron Daw still accuses her of a 'discourtesy' Home | Mail Online
  • He took no notice of Dalgliesh's proffered hand but said a brief "how do you do" with an uninterest amounting almost to discourtesy. She Closed Her Eyes
  • Over 60% of complaints relate to alleged abuse of authority, while one-fifth related to claims of discourtesy.
  • Disregard of speed limits, failure to recognise hazardous weather and traffic conditions, lack of forward observations and widespread discourtesy are but a few examples.
  • To disrespect the law of a host country, or a country in which one perceives oneself as exotic, even though it might be one's native country, is the ultimate in discourtesy and bad taste.
  • And as society is growing more self-obsessed, so discourtesy is increasing.
  • If invited to someone's house for dinner, lateness (over 10 minutes) is seen as a discourtesy.
  • If the meeting is in Scotland I hope the First Minister is invited, it would be a discourtesy if he isn't, and after all he is a Privy Councillor.
  • The truly great debaters and wordsmiths never resort to cheap discourtesy as a way to make a point and their arguments were stronger for it.
  • We have known each other long enough that you will forgive me this discourtesy.
  • Examples might include complaints about excessive delay, errors, discourtesy or the way in which the Revenue has exercised discretion.
  • He is extremely embarrassed by the incident and regrets any discourtesy.
  • It could simply be a matter of callous discourtesy combined with ignorance of CID investigative methods. RIOT
  • I stared back at him unabashedly, too surprised to think that to do so was a gross discourtesy to someone of his rank.
  • This was not only gross discourtesy - it verged on criminal irresponsibility.
  • However, what is apparent is the increasing discourtesy of some drivers.
  • The host of the dinner party sent my wife a wonderful bouquet of flowers and a card apologising for the grave discourtesy of a fellow guest.
  • For my discourtesy, I offer you three books of your choosing.
  • Expressing disagreement is not a discourtesy.
  • I must apologize for my discourtesy in arriving late.
  • This is not the only example of discourtesy that I have noticed while taking transit.
  • Given that the corporation is required by law to designate an agent, and to post the agent's name conspicuously on its premises, I see it as a discourtesy when a reasonably senior person in the company refuses to provide it.
  • It was a discourtesy that rankled deeply with him; not until after the publication of his own account and charts was the injustice corrected.
  • When the feasts start the guests are expected not to stand up during the feasting because this is considered a discourtesy to the host.
  • It cannot be termed discourtesy in Sir Kenneth, that, situated as he was, he overheard a conversation, in which he found himself deeply interested. The Talisman
  • Driving to work this morning I saw several incidences of bad driving and plain old discourtesy on the road.
  • Rosie Winterton accused the government of "discourtesy" to the Commons after Sir Epolitix News
  • He didn't want to see Frelis Lorimer but it would have been a discourtesy not to. A WORM OF DOUBT
  • During the National Civic Virtues Month, all the cities should and banish disarray and discourtesy.
  • I apologise for that and I intend him no discourtesy.
  • I was amazed by their discourtesy and lack of professionalism.
  • Discourtesy was the cornerstone of Mercer's hate for the world.
  • Judges have been admonished or reprimanded for such behaviour as racist language, sexual harassment, discourtesy in court, delays in delivering judgments and drink driving.
  • he asked, magnanimously overlooking the previous discourtesy. MR GOLIGHTLY'S HOLIDAY
  • At last it struck me, and Mackaye too, who, however he hated flunkeydom, never overlooked an act of discourtesy, that it would be right for me to call upon the dean, and thank him formally for all the real kindness he had shown me. Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet An Autobiography
  • Schwartz complains that I committed a "discourtesy" by not mentioning that he had cited her unpublished draft of an article in his original article and in his reply to letters. 'The Mystery of Max Eitingon': An Exchange
  • Billy snarked, with a little too much discourtesy to be entirely joking.
  • Our voices as we called the cartes seemed now and then to me like a discourtesy to the peace and order of the night. John Splendid The Tale of a Poor Gentleman, and the Little Wars of Lorn
  • There has been no hint of discourtesy, a trait which seems alien to her character.
  • These misconceptions have come not from people whose intentions include malice or discourtesy but from friends who are simply curious.
  • Even the perspective of courtesy/discourtesy is still contextual to the degree that offensiveness must be calibrated in order establish that which is a courteous or discourteous disagreement. The Volokh Conspiracy » Support for Restricting the Speech of Students Who Wear American Flags to School on Cinco de Mayo
  • Even his decision to attend the Pope's funeral when it clashed with the wedding of his future sovereign has been interpreted by some as a discourtesy.

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