[ US /dɪˈskɔɹdənt/ ]
[ UK /dɪskˈɔːdənt/ ]
  1. not in agreement or harmony
    views discordant with present-day ideas
  2. lacking in harmony
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How To Use discordant In A Sentence

  • The functional modernity of the computer struck a discordant note amid the elegant eighteenth-century furniture.
  • There have been some recent studies using twins which show that there's a higher rate in the concordant, identical twins than in the discordant twins.
  • The discordant sounds of violinos, woodwinds, and the falk-horn rose around Anna, but she continued to watch the camp below. Darksong Rising
  • But everything of that kind was brought abruptly to an end by a loud discordant blowing of horns and the hollow _tub, tub, tub_ of a number of rude drums; at which sounds the crowd around us broke up at once and retired, our little Hebe casting back at us more than one glance strongly indicative, as it seemed to me, of compassion. The Congo Rovers A Story of the Slave Squadron
  • Dropping the rag over the side of the bedpost, she turned and let the scabrous shard fall into a small bowl on the dresser; it greeted a similarly discordant family with a slight tink of angular metallic collision.
  • These techniques allow governments and corporations the freedom to promote ideas that would appear repulsive, discordant or even downright stupid if spoken in plain English.
  • Amid all this sylvan glory the notice giving the dentist's working hours struck a discordant note.
  • Meanwhile, Peach's poo-colored top is "discordant" with her polka dot skirt Una LaMarche: Project Runway Episode 2 Recap: Size Matters
  • As a consequence, the complex shows discordant evolutionary patterns at different levels of organization.
  • The "Southern Republic," from her immense size and unusually handsome equipment, was a novelty even to the river people; and each afternoon of her starting, crowds came aboard to bid farewell to friends and roam over the vessel, or collected on the bluffs above to see her swing out to the shrill notes of her "calliope," the best and least discordant on the river. Four Years in Rebel Capitals An Inside View of Life in the Southern Confederacy from Birth to Death
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