[ UK /dɪskˈɒmfɪtɪd/ ]
  1. disappointingly unsuccessful
    their foiled attempt to capture Calais
    disappointed expectations and thwarted ambitions
    his best efforts were thwarted
    many frustrated poets end as pipe-smoking teachers
  1. people who are defeated
    the Romans had no pity for the defeated
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How To Use discomfited In A Sentence

  • The opposition leader has regularly discomfited him in parliament.
  • Though I tried not to be too socially inappropriate, I must have discomfited a lot of people. Letting Go of My Father
  • Her green eyes danced with laughter as she discomfited her brother.
  • This discomfited some of the Zuccotti inhabitants, aware of anti-Semitism charges against the movement, so an OWSer in an undershirt and porkpie hat poured coffee down the guy's back, who called out to demand his constitutional rights from a bemused-looking senior NYPD official. Squatting on Wall Street
  • I am a bit embarrassed to admit my unshakeable fondness for the royal family and I'm well aware that any further opinions from me may now be obsolete to some readers, but not remotely discomfited to say that I grieved for Princess Diana. Victoria Coren: why I shall be up at dawn to watch the royal family in all its bizarre glory
  • The tricky question about his finances discomfited the minister.
  • Smart seems to be alternately discomfited by this fact and resentful of Mrs. Barker's prior and legal claim on the man she loves. How to Hypnotize Women
  • Manuscript, Valentine Museum, Richmond, Virginia; Edgar Allan Poe explains to John Allan that he was "discomfited" when Allan did not visit him at West Point on the latter's visit to the area. Poe Collection: Letter from Edgar Allan Poe to John Allan, 1830 November 6
  • The bassi rilievi which are placed in a spiral line round the shaft commemorate the victories of Antoninus over the Marcomanni and the Quadi, and the miraculous shower of rain which refreshed the Roman soldiers and discomfited their enemies. Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius
  • It was like a whole different world here; I was suddenly discomfited by my family's humble home.
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