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[ UK /dˌɪsɐɡɹˈiːəbə‍l/ ]
[ US /ˌdɪsəˈɡɹiəbəɫ/ ]
  1. unpleasant to interact with
    a disagreeable old man
  2. not to your liking
    a disagreeable situation
  3. not agreeing with your tastes or expectations
    found the task disagreeable and decided to abandon it
    a job temperamentally unsympathetic to him
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How To Use disagreeable In A Sentence

  • Blomquist also considered the possibility that the driver finds use of the seat belt disagreeable.
  • It was more a thing of his head than his heart, revealing itself mainly in short, acrid speeches, meant to be clever, and indubitably disagreeable. Mary Marston
  • Everybody shouts it, mule-driver, "coachee," or cattle-driver; and even I, a passenger, fancied I could do it to disagreeable perfection after a time. The Complete Project Gutenberg Writings of Charles Dudley Warner
  • Teenagers don't seem to understand that they don't have to actively misbehave to be disagreeable to older people.
  • If you have a ticket, the web can make the experience less disagreeable. Times, Sunday Times
  • He found some disagreeable remnants — a watery stew, cold and sodden; a basin half-full of some kind of tinned soup; a chill suet pudding put away on a shelf. The Unpleasantness At The Belladonna Club
  • The fear of being disagreeable is a great bugbear to a girl, as this artful young man well knew, and Rose fell into the trap at once, for Aunt Jane was far from being her model, though she could not help respecting her worth. Rose in Bloom
  • While it was already known that distilling sea water removed the salt, the process had always left a disagreeable taste.
  • In complete contrast to our disagreeable dining companion, the duck liver parfait he ordered was rich and smooth.
  • On the contrary, it turns to thoughts of sulphur tablets and camomile tea and other sickly or disagreeable circumventions of the "creakiness" of the human body. Over the Fireside with Silent Friends
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