[ UK /dˈɪɹɪd‍ʒəbə‍l/ ]
  1. a steerable self-propelled aircraft
  1. capable of being steered or directed
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How To Use dirigible In A Sentence

  • Committees, for example, investigated numerous reports of black German dirigibles floating over the mountains of western Montana spying, apparently, on the state's sheep and cattle herds.
  • The dirigible came down at a cargo depot at the south end of town, and Shevek set off into the streets of the biggest city in the world. THE DISPOSSESSED
  • I only saw one show at G2 Gallery, of oil and acrylic paintings by Jack Balas in which flying machines such as dirigibles were juxtaposed with clock faces on which the numbers had been replaced by letters.
  • I'd always been fascinated by those giant silver dirigibles, having seen the Graf Zeppelin cruising over Los Angeles and once getting a ride in the little old Goodyear ‘Volunteer’ blimp NCBA in 1936.
  • Collectively titled ‘Airships,’ all of the sculptures assume the general shape of a dirigible.
  • He studied the dirigibles through a pair of those really amazing computerized binoculars that you see in movies.
  • Drinking lifted his mood, made him feel like an old-fashioned dirigible, floating over everything.
  • But all the hot air served was to point up the hyper-inflation football elite's smug self-importance and, at the same time, demonstrate what a blimpish dirigible of bluster FIFA's chief Sepp Blatter truly is.
  • The six cast members are not idle at all, but leap around the stage transforming suitcases into runways, mini-bars and bathroom cabinets, turning shopping baskets into flamingoes and balloons into dirigibles. The Vanishing Horizon
  • Their society is technologically advanced, and vast dirigibles called aëro: cruisers carry diplomatic missions to other citadels; yet a core of unscientific superstition still persists.
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