How To Use Direct fire In A Sentence

  • He locates intervisibility lines (terrain that allows observation from one point to another) and assesses the ability of the attacking force to overwatch or support (with direct fire) the movement of its elements. FM 71-1 Chapter 2 Battle Command
  • WW I was an ‘artillery war’ par excellence, witnessing the dramatic development of indirect fire and artillery fire control.
  • Indirect fires are divided into two basic categories: observed and unobserved.
  • During World War II, only 15 to 20 percent of U.S. infantrymen engaged the enemy with direct fire.
  • Pausing only long enough for their men to debus, the BMPs drove among the houses and brought direct fire to bear from their 73 mm guns against those Canadians who showed themselves. First Clash
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  • As any infanteer will tell you, accurate indirect fire can be a very, very good thing - if you have it and the enemy doesn't. Archive 2006-11-01
  • In its defence of their use, MoD officials have argued that they were "direct fire" weapons - in other words a pilot firing them can see the target - and that a single weapon had fewer than 10 "bomblets". Obama Says No To Baghdad Stroll With McCain
  • To prevent fratricide, there must be a standard and well-rehearsed method of clearance for direct fires.
  • In such circumstances, the attacking elements will be required to expose themselves to enemy direct fire to engage them without undue collateral damage.
  • The inner cordon positions must set where they will be in defilade of the other inner cordon positions and the assault force in the event of a direct fire engagement.
  • You've taken some quick and direct fire on basically asking women to return to the care of children.
  • They attacked suddenly and skilfully using natural covertures, destroy our positions one after another by the direct fire.
  • And, as machine-gun fire is almost entirely indirect fire, the guns must be laid by using map, compass, protractor and clinometer (quadrant), in exactly the same manner as artillery fire is directed. The Emma Gees
  • She had to flee Guatemala to come to Canada after her work with trade unions put her in direct fire of the local cartels in her home country.
  • For exterior defence, he employed direct fire from his barbettes, and curvated fire from his casemates; the direct fire of the latter secured his ditches. Elements of Military Art and Science Or, Course Of Instruction In Strategy, Fortification, Tactics Of Battles, &C.; Embracing The Duties Of Staff, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, And Engineers; Adapted To The Use Of Volunteers And Militia; Third Edition
  • Artillery pieces did not have sufficient tube elevation or depression angles for direct fire delivery.
  • In direct fire, the manual suggests positioning the butt under the armpit rather than on the shoulder.
  • The dismounting vehicles provide casualty evacuation and direct fire support.
  • Taking direct fire, and outnumbered, he pressed forward, firing his M9 pistol at enemy forces.
  • At 10 o'clock yesterday, a restaurant near the East Garden caught fire as gas met the direct fire. Fortunately there were no casualties.
  • Prohibit using a direct fire or liquating paint under airtight condition.

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