How To Use Digressive In A Sentence

  • It appears to be a specially successful job considering the verbosity and digressiveness of the novel of this writer who, though often brilliant, writes in a highly disorderly way.
  • In a word, my work is digressive, and it is progressive too, - and at the same time.
  • When he's off, he's digressive, roundabout; his stump speeches sit there; his zingers don't zing.
  • These detours add depth to the narrative, but the sheer volume of digressive material becomes a distraction, and Ms. Stanton struggles to identify a clear thematic, intellectual or narrative arc in Mr. Avery's activities. A Never-Ending Treasure Hunt
  • The discussion is digressive and overly credulous of literary and semi-historical sources, while scanting archeology. My Proposal for the Nirthers
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  • His work has the telegraphic simplicity of aboriginal craft and generic morphologies, rather than the more digressive and particularized qualities of realistically mimetic images.
  • We write, therefore, with correspondent carelessness or digressiveness, upon incidents that, in passing, have merely amused us — quite prepared to find that they are not so amusing (at second-hand) to others. Fun-jottings, or, Laughs I have taken a pen to
  • Yet even discounting the frequent abstractness and digressiveness of his writing style, he remains a somewhat elusive thinker.
  • amusingly digressive with satirical thrusts at women's fashions among other things
  • Last but not least, the" digressive style"which separated from principal plot, adjusts the narrative rhythm and adds appeal to the language.
  • a digressive allusion to the day of the week
  • The narratives vary, however, in the degree to which they are linear and in the extent to which they are digressive or resolved, and in the way events are organised according to the rules of psychological and causal motivation.
  • The moment one begins to unpack the box though, to explain the simplest text, where it comes from, where it goes, one begins to see the parenthetic and digressive manner of imbrication of text and context.
  • His characters live untidy lives and often fall into digressive daydreams, so troubled are their souls.
  • However, their more spacey and digressive numbers too often recall a basement-jam band.
  • His digressive impulses held in check, Prince returns to what he's so masterfully good at: songcraft and groove.
  • Portrait of Dante," "Washers of the Shroud," "Under the Old Elm" (with its noble tribute to Washington) and "Stanzas on Freedom," It is a pity that such poems, all of which contain memorable lines, should be kept from the wide audience they deserve, and largely because of the author's digressiveness. Outlines of English and American Literature : an Introduction to the Chief Writers of England and America, to the Books They Wrote, and to the Times in Which They Lived
  • As film-making, this final monologue feels slightly clumsy, didactic, even digressive; it certainly dulls the film's effectiveness as satire.
  • It is a digressive process that leaks out intimations of personality and establishes a position for the portrait where it does not remain static but finds a more dialogic approach to psychological portraiture.
  • In his strange digressive and allusive biography of Christ he presents him as the incarnation of the overwhelming mystery of God.
  • They were simply digressive, which was to be expected, as elation befogs one's "goal idea. A Mind That Found Itself An Autobiography
  • Unfortunately, the result is a digressive book of little practical political use to those able to respond tangibly to famine.
  • The above track is marked by a compelling series of track-long drum rolls and fills and a frugal bassline, and is abetted by digressive but nifty keys and fulgent chimes.
  • Works such as Jonathan Swift's A Tale of a Tub and Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy made digressiveness itself a part of the satire.
  • He tore into his guitar solos with a ferocity that seemed to forget the previous two years of druggy digressiveness.
  • For, as noted above, Tasso's is the first vernacular poem to mold Musaeus in the Ovidian heroic manner: apostrophe, ethopoeia and digressive mythopoeia abound.
  • But the way typical narratives are set up, there's no room for philosophy, because it's just digressive material.
  • But that kind of digressive storytelling makes me wonder if "Mad Men" will ever truly be a crossover hit - something that rises above, say, 2 or 3 million viewers. Undefined
  • Each was a long, highly literary, digressive, and polemical account of the failure of the colonists to make good their British patrimony.
  • It is a digressive process that leaks out intimations of personality and establishes a position for the portrait where it does not remain static but finds a more dialogic approach to psychological portraiture.
  • Eugenides lets us know he knows what we know about the fictiveness of fiction; he even evokes "Tristram Shandy's" digressive account of the narrator's own conception. The Gender Blender
  • You could end up in a frame of mind, a digressive meditation on the dislocation of people or cultures, or you could end up in prison.
  • I attribute this dubious behavior to reading the blog work of one anapestic, whose digressiveness charming is pretty much boundless, allowing me to mentally brush off my own as minor league. Cake
  • Forget the unwieldy title and worthy subject matter, this is a breathless piece of reportage, like a vintage New Yorker feature put to film: expansive, comic, digressive and ever so slightly demented.
  • Now day, there is a delicate relation in education, instruction theory and the PC game. There is digressive problem between education theory and education actuality.
  • Then again, that's a polemical way of describing a work that is essentially digressive in nature, elusive in meaning and more entertaining than it has any right to be.
  • There's a whole digressive thread just in that, I think.
  • The tiny animation is just one example of the playful digressiveness of this book. Kent's Bike Blog
  • Right now he's sitting on my living room couch, taking a haul off a cigarette after a digressive second attempt at explaining what inspired him to do a show about old people, the upcoming Golden Age.
  • What good prose needs, and all too often lacks, is the syntactic dislocation, the rhythmical shifts that only these digressive devices can offer.
  • For all his digressiveness, he constantly selects and shapes, for he ever desires to maintain control over the emotions that he provokes in his reader.
  • Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy is a novel of voluptuous digressiveness, scornful of the straight narrative lines it keeps promising to adopt. The Guardian World News
  • Ndor lau is a glittering unprofitably quotes for life, who fuzz by abstractness car carangid at charmer on the digressive admonishment of nowadays gavialidae. Rational Review
  • They point to hand-lettered reminiscences in the margins about his digressive rediscovery of the country, which took him from washing dishes in a Sydney hotel to membership of an Aboriginal community near Darwin.
  • Not surprisingly, the result is often uneven and digressive.

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