[ US /ˈdɪɡ/ ]
[ UK /dˈɪɡ/ ]
  1. remove the inner part or the core of
    the mining company wants to excavate the hillside
  2. remove, harvest, or recover by digging
    dig salt
    dig coal
  3. create by digging
    dig a hole
    dig out a channel
  4. work hard
    Lexicographers drudge all day long
    She was digging away at her math homework
  5. thrust down or into
    dig your foot into the floor
    dig the oars into the water
  6. get the meaning of something
    Do you comprehend the meaning of this letter?
  7. poke or thrust abruptly
    he jabbed his finger into her ribs
  8. turn up, loosen, or remove earth
    turn over the soil for aeration
    Dig we must
  1. a small gouge (as in the cover of a book)
    the book was in good condition except for a dig in the back cover
  2. the site of an archeological exploration
    they set up camp next to the dig
  3. the act of touching someone suddenly with your finger or elbow
    she gave me a sharp dig in the ribs
  4. an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect
    she threw shafts of sarcasm
    she takes a dig at me every chance she gets
    his parting shot was `drop dead'
  5. the act of digging
    there's an interesting excavation going on near Princeton
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How To Use dig In A Sentence

  • When your bulbs arrive, or you buy them from the garden center, gather everyone together, hand out garden tools and start digging.
  • The overseer, a great strong man, cracking his "blacksnake" from time to time, to enforce authority, excited our strong indignation. 'Three Score Years and Ten' Life-Long Memories of Fort Snelling, Minnesota, and Other Parts of the West
  • There is a fine square here called Madison, in the centre of which trees rise from fountain-watered grass, and statued figures of people who were men in their day and did things, palatial buildings, dignifying commerce, form the square. Impressions of a War Correspondent
  • The parable Jesus told about the prodigal son shows us what love means.
  • And the moral murder of my child is to be my punishment for daring to turn a deaf ear to the indign passion of a brute! The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel
  • Hassan in frequently going to sleep in one town, to awake in another far distant, but without the benighted Oriental's surprise at the transfer, the afrit who performed this prodigy being a steam-engine, and the magician it obeyed the human mind. Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 11, No. 23, February, 1873
  • And the fact is that women just dig men who see clips of defenseless mother pigs stuffed in crates so small that they can't turn around, and then blurt out, "But, I love me some bacon! Josh Tetrick: Five Reasons Why Man = Meat
  • These same people also routinely said they felt comfortable with Bush as a leader with values and dignity.
  • About a meter tall if it stood erect, it must use its short, bowed legs arboreally by choice, for it ran on all fours and either foot terminated in three well-developed grasping digits. The Rebel Worlds
  • The development includes eight sound stages, production facilities, digital facilities and outdoor back lot areas.
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