How To Use Die-sinker In A Sentence

  • The coining is still to be carried on on the premises, as the contracts offered for doing the work out of doors were too high or too incompetent; the 'engraver or die-sinker' is no longer to be permitted to work on his own private account; and, what is still better, when a new medal or new model is wanted, the best artists of the country are to have the opportunity of shewing their skill in the requisite designs; and, last, dealers in bullion will no longer be allowed to refine their gold at the public cost, for all the metal sent in in future 'must not exceed the standard weight.' Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 434 Volume 17, New Series, April 24, 1852
  • Marcel Stanley's brief compilation on Alfred Ernest Cousins, an engraver and die-sinker who prepared the dies for many of New Zealand's postage stamps in the 1890s, reproduces various relevant documents as a brochure for the 1980 New Zealand International Stamp Exhibition. Book & Print in New Zealand: A Guide to Print Culture in New Zealand
  • Not only was he a silversmith of renown, but a patriot, soldier, grand master Mason, confidential agent of the state of Massachusetts Bay, engraver, picture-frame designer, and die-sinker. All About Coffee
  • He started to learn the trade of a die-sinker and engraver in Birmingham. Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
  • Almost every county has some good die-sinker in phrase, whose mintage passes into the currency of the whole neighborhood. The Complete Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell

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