How To Use Dictyoptera In A Sentence

  • In the dictyopterans species, however, intermediate features of granulocytes and spherulocytes led them to hypothesize a developmental relationship between both, as postulated by Gupta.
  • Members of the genus Cryptocercus (Dictyoptera: Cryptocercidae) are subsocial, xylophagous cockroaches that inhabit damp, decaying logs of temperate forests in the Palearctic and Nearctic.
  • The Insect House - at work, amidst the dictyopteran vistas and rows of captive orthoptera, where I sweep the floors, change the light bulbs, hold open the refuse sacks that the two curators fill with the detritus of insect life - this was where it all started.
  • Diplopods were predominant in biomass owing to the their large size, but spiders still constituted 27.8% of the total biomass, followed by coleopterans, dictyopterans, and scorpionids.
  • All are predatory, but the type of prey ranges from spiders to various dictyopterans or orthopteroids to caterpillars (of either Lepidoptera or other Hymenoptera).
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  • Cockroaches, termites, and mantids form the well-accepted monophyletic group Dictyoptera.
  • In addition, he found that since 1988 another 40 males pheromones attractive to females species were identified; 18 coleopterans, 12 dipterans, 7 hemipterans, 2 lepidopterans and 1 dictyopteran.

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