How To Use Dichotomous In A Sentence

  • Hip-hop is ideologically dichotomous to the art world's contemplative structure, and its self-conscious excessiveness grates against any attempt by the art world to soften and ultimately harness its potency.
  • In addition to the taxonomic descriptions, dichotomous keys, illustrations and distribution maps are presented for each species.
  • This view emphasizes the dichotomous thinking and behavior often displayed by alcoholics.
  • Most members of this lineage also have the combination of pseudomonopodially-branching main axes or rhizomes, with dichotomous branch tips.
  • Plants are characterized as having unisexual flowers and dichotomously forked leaves arranged in crowded whorls.
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  • One way of avoiding this dichotomous thinking is to enable low-income mothers to make their own decisions about whether and when to work inside and outside the home.
  • Thus, communion and agency were generally viewed as dichotomous, limiting the possibility that both can be evident simultaneously within a given person.
  • In most cases with a dichotomous (i.e., 0/1) outcome, it is appropriate to use what is known as a logistic regression model (which is non-linear). Could House Health Care Votes Be Predicted?
  • The forced-choice format is used with each item presented separately and each pole representing a dichotomous extreme for one attitude or function.
  • Squidward, doomed and dichotomous, is the permanent foil. SpongeBob's Golden Dream
  • They produced several types of foliage all characterized by pinnate leaves with open dichotomous venation.
  • This demonstrates how dichotomous scoring cannot reward students for less than full knowledge or mastery of the content area.
  • In some species, variations and gradations between dichotomous and monopodial growth patterns occur.
  • Crewdson's work is replete with dichotomous tensions.
  • 'dichotomous' or 'bifurcate' method, and exemplified by the so-called The English Utilitarians, Volume I.
  • One type of closed-ended question is a "dichotomous" question Page 9 Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • The word "dichotomous" suggests disparate elements or opposing forces-as in male/female, the variety of ways tension is expressed in relationships, and the seemingly disparate disciplines of dance and technology that may not be so far apart after all. The Santa Barbara Independent stories
  • The vast majority of research on this topic, however, has focused on the dichotomous perspective of first-generation versus non-first-generation students.
  • Subsequent branch orders may be dichotomous or pseudomonopodial.
  • The artery immediately bifurcates into an upper and a lower branch, and each of these again divides into a medial or nasal and a lateral or temporal branch, which at first run between the hyaloid membrane and the nervous layer; but they soon enter the latter, and pass forward, dividing dichotomously. X. The Organs of the Senses and the Common Integument. 1c. 1. The Tunics of the Eye
  • Technically, the two sides of a coin present a dichotomous choice.
  • Their reasoning was based on the difference between what they call "dichotomous" diseases, like cancer, and diseases that exist on a continuum, like diabetes. Top Headlines - Diabetes Health
  • Grappling with ACTION's history helps make the case for why a dichotomous view of Civil Rights and Black Power obscures more than it illuminates.
  • Statistical relations between the categorial variables were analysed with SPSS software, using analysis or the Cochran Q test for related dichotomous variables.
  • By referring to a dichotomous tree, Tusi shows how to choose the proper disjunction relative to the terms in the disjuncts.
  • In our either-or dichotomous system of logic, weakness is the opposite of strength.
  • Why are intellectualism and sexuality dichotomous?
  • The primary, stout capillitial branches arise from the upper part of the columella, dichotomously branching into flexuose threads.
  • Olbermann went as far as to describe Obama's parsing as "dichotomous", an adjective of the noun dichotomy of which I was previously unaware. The Osterley Times
  • Well, you see the problem is the assumption that these two types of society are dichotomous.
  • Out of this dichotomous set of associations has emerged a constellation of forces, ideas, images and experiences which have defined both the city and rural zones in unique and singular ways.
  • The belief that bisexuality is just a phase is also pervasive, to the point where bisexuals are sometimes falsely encouraged to choose one of the dichotomous extremes of gay and straight.
  • So, we need to move away from this kind of dichotomous, absolutist language and towards something that just reflects where people are in this country. Grist - the Latest from Grist
  • It had warped me into a suffocating, totalizing essence, pinned me with the girders of weakness, monstrosity, and leprosy that supported their dichotomous construction of Homosexual.
  • The trends undermine a dichotomous view of British politics and society - a political dimension of left and right which correlates with two political parties and two social classes.
  • They produced several types of foliage all characterized by pinnate leaves with open dichotomous venation.
  • dichotomous" business, I would, but I can't, so I won't. Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]
  • It's reflective of the dichotomous nature of American thinking.
  • My thinking on this curious dichotomous view of the Church (and the even more curious affinity it has with leftist dissent) can be found here.
  • The two alternatives, presented as dichotomous above, may be viewed as partly overlapping, and not mutually exclusive.
  • Fructification: ovate spores and tufts of antheridial cells attached to the lateral ramuli, which consist of minute, radiating, dichotomous beaded filaments. Scientific American Supplement, No. 384, May 12, 1883
  • By referring to a dichotomous tree, this writer shows how to choose the proper disjunction relative to the terms in the disjuncts.
  • The purpose of this study was to examine and identify Brachyuran zoea of the San Francisco Bay Estuary, then to generate a dichotomous key.
  • When literacy and orality are not viewed within a dichotomous framework, then memory is no longer separate from literacy.
  • The lion roaming in a field with Manhattan as a backdrop really captures the dichotomous feeling of the record.
  • An erect, herbaceous, dichotomously branched perennial, 60-180 cm high, with large, fleshy, cylindrical, obovoid subterranean rhizomes, large lanceolate leaves and white flowers arranged in twin clusters, which very rarely produce red seeds. Chapter 10
  • The title tells the tale of a dichotomous man: Reverend. Bishop T.D. Jakes: Honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Eliot represents the Jew in Daniel Deronda as a dichotomous figure, adapted from conventional stereotypes circulating in her culture.
  • Teaching should not be viewed as dichotomous because these factors of effective teaching are intertwined in action.
  • And Ramon's character is dichotomous in a way never fully explored or explained.
  • The media promotes this dichotomous view of the world.
  • However, there are dangers in using these dichotomous terms.

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