How To Use Diamondback In A Sentence

  • And while the Diamondbacks 'relievers stunk, Atlanta's relievers were able to get NLCS action, remain limber and keep Arizona from scoring. - Just another typical Braves postseason performance
  • Volunteers found 21 diamondback terrapins in abandoned crab traps pulled from the edge of the bay.
  • On the world scene, diamondback moth is ranked as the major insect pest of a large number of commercially grown cruciferous plants, including canola.
  • I ordered a Diamondback, a beguiling mix of rye, chartreuse, and applejack served in a four-and-a-half-ounce version of a classic Nick and Nora glass. Supersized Cocktails
  • NL batting: Now that Edgardo Alfonzo is back and Jay Bell has joined the sleeper ranks with what should be a career-boosting move to third base for the Diamondbacks, the list of quality second base eligibles is huge. - Some positions go deeper than others
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  • Nearly stepped on a 5 ft diamondback while deer hunting in Fla. back in '65. 0 Whats the closest call you have ever had hunting like a bear charging,
  • And look close before plopping down during the day; a rattler's diamondback coloration is grand camouflage.
  • Williams put Diamondbacks hitters in a funk from the start. - Cardinals gain split in the desert
  • In 1903, at the time of Le Guide's publication, you could walk into Delmonico's Restaurant, in New York City, and order such favorites as diamondback terrapin (a small eastern turtle), whitetail deer, and canvasback duck.
  • Julius's team compared gene activity in different types of nerve cell from diamondback rattlesnakes, which all have shallow pits on their faces that detect heat.
  • Pak sports minister seeks MS Gill's help to recover Malik's impounded passport Hamilton says nothing 'ungentlemanly' about his 'weaving' tactics Headley's 3-run homer in 9th lifts Padres to 6-3 win over Diamondbacks Ethier hits two homers, including first slam; Dodgers bash Giants on Bochy's birthday Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7
  • Next up, the 6-year-old alligator, then the ten-foot-long anaconda (who recently swallowed her first pig), followed by an agitated western diamondback rattler. Michael Shwedick's career handling reptiles came from childhood fascination
  • Glumness still inhabits the thoroughfares, but for a few hours, especially the wee small hours after the New York Yankees managed victories over the Arizona Diamondbacks that approached the surrealistic, there was revelling once more.
  • We walked on through the fragile valley watching for diamondbacks and indigo snakes, maybe even for a serpent.
  • In addition to the clean-cars standards, the Legislature approved a bill outlawing the trapping of the diamondback terrapin, which is the state reptile and official mascot of the University of Maryland. RSS - stories
  • The Bormans had seen other native wildlife before -- javelinas, bobcats, coyotes, diamondback rattlesnakes -- but never mountain lions. Ariz. golf course hole is par 5 and 3 mountain lions
  • Orlando Hudson, Diamondbacks: Losing a Gold Glove middle infielder is a crushing blow to a pitching staff. Few fantasy remedies for season-ending injuries
  • Colorado ended its three-game skid and stopped the Diamondbacks' six-game winning streak in this makeup from an April 3 snowout. The Seattle Times
  • A mechanic stuck his face up in there, and came eye to eye with a diamondback that must have been five feet long. Happy Landings
  • It's because of birds that I know the difference between a sugar maple and a red maple, a diamondback water snake and a cottonmouth, an American lady and a painted lady.
  • The chief design flourish is the patterned panel on the sides of the jersey and shorts that evokes the shell of a diamondback terrapin. Terps Unveil New Uniforms, Chemistry at Maryland Madness
  • The northern diamondback terrapin, red fox, snapping turtle, raccoon, rabbit, skunk, opossum and blue crab, all animals that do well living close to people, have adapted nicely to the rapid changes of the Meadowlands.
  • PROBLEM My diamondback does not respond after a cold boot.
  • The eastern diamondback rattlesnake is threatened over much of its range, and if one turned up in my back yard, I'd relocate it. Do you think that the long term ecological damage caused by exterminating predators or holding them well below their natural pop
  • • Update: The Diamondbacks used the first part of the offseason finding a general manager, and now Josh Byrnes is just getting a game plan together. - Help wanted: NL has needs at plate, in field, on mound
  • Under Mr. Byrnes, the Diamondbacks won the National League West title in 2007 and reached the National League Championship Series before beginning a steady downslide that precipitated Mr. Byrnes 'firing. Mets Settle on Alderson and Byrnes as Finalists for GM
  • ‘The diamondback terrapin became one of the most economically important reptiles in the world,’ said Lovich.
  • The painting's elegant, slithery movement - it looks like a diamondbacked reptile going by a window - is counterpointed by studiedly offhand execution.
  • He was due to pitch the first ball of a crunch baseball match in New York between the Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • The periwinkle in turn is preyed upon by blue crabs and diamondback terrapins.
  • Since then, they have experienced three straight seasons of offensive decline, culminating with their anemic performance against the Diamondbacks in the World Series.
  • We collected diamondback terrapin, Malaclemys terrapin, eggs from multiple sights within its range to quantify variation in egg size and the amount of stored energy reserves provided within the eggs.
  • It's a showdown between two of the world's most dangerous desert hunters: a red-tailed hawk and a diamondback rattlesnake.
  • At 35 deg C, not atypical of a sunny, summer day in the southwestern U.S. deserts, the western diamondback rattlesnake, Crotalus atrox, shakes its rattle at frequencies up to 90 Hz.
  • I killed a diamondback just outside the entrance earlier this afternoon," Quentin was saying. KISS OF THE BEES
  • Worse yet, the Diamondback is becoming resistant to pesticides. So farmers have begun to deploy an insidious weapon.
  • Crabs or fish or even a diamondback terrapin enters a trap to feed on the bait, can't get out, dies and becomes the bait that attracts more victims.
  • Since then, they have experienced three straight seasons of offensive decline, culminating with their anemic performance against the Diamondbacks in the World Series.
  • The Diamondbacks are as streaky as a punk rocker's hair.
  • The whirring rattle of a diamondback poised to strike Maj.
  • Mr. Byrnes is a similar proponent of statistical analysis, and his contract with the Diamondbacks doesn't expire until 2015. Mets Settle on Alderson and Byrnes as Finalists for GM
  • I was asked to pick up a western diamondback rattlesnake bare-handed.
  • In addition, the Diamondbacks called up one of their top prospects in outfielder Chris Young. - As rosters expand, so do playoff hopes
  • • The final out: Luis Gonzalez's RBI single against Mariano Rivera over the Yankees 'drawn-in infield scores Jay Bell and caps a two-run rally, giving the Arizona Diamondbacks a 3-2, Game 7 win on their home field. - Having a ball from Series could have consequences
  • During the season the Diamondbacks were outscored by their opponents 732-712 and trailed in slugging percentage .420 to .413. Maybe Red Sox are just too much for Rockies to handle
  • Easy paddling along 30 miles of marked water trails takes you through a 2,900-acre salt marsh that is abundant with wildlife - snowy egrets, diamondback terrapins and herons, along with bluefish, rockfish, sea trout and flounder.
  • Wheeler Marsh in Milford, Connecticut provides habitat for diamondback terrapins, a unique estuarine turtle.
  • This suggests that all could provide food for diamondback terrapins.
  • Gardner: The Arizona Diamondbacks could certainly use an outfielder as Eric Byrnes is most likely a non-factor for the rest of the season. Fantasy owners in search of a second-half pick-me-up
  • How can I tell when diamondback moth caterpillars are damaging my cabbage?
  • Considered a delicacy and served in restaurants, diamondback terrapins were heavily harvested along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts through most of the past century.
  • Studies on the eggs of diamondback terrapins, Malaclemys terrapin, demonstrated that at least one dune grass, Ammophila breviligulata, has the ability to absorb nutrients from turtle eggs.
  • But it also houses turtles called diamondback terrapins ( Journal Watch Online
  • As Jeter noted in the postgame, Mike Mussina and the Yanks must beat the Diamondbacks in order for their Game 4 win to mean much.
  • The would much rather do the Dew while skateboarding off a ramp over a pit of diamondback snakes. Zima Waz Zo Good - The Retroist
  • It was sort of touching, the lengths the ground crews went to on the behalf of the diamondback terrapins. Dan Collins: Fear of Flying: Crazy Right Can't Get It Right

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