[ UK /dɪvˈa‍ɪs/ ]
[ US /dɪˈvaɪs/ ]
  1. an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose
    the device is small enough to wear on your wrist
    a device intended to conserve water
  2. something in an artistic work designed to achieve a particular effect
  3. any ornamental pattern or design (as in embroidery)
  4. any clever maneuver
    he would stoop to any device to win a point
    a cheap promotions gimmick for greedy businessmen
    it was a great sales gimmick
  5. an emblematic design (especially in heraldry)
    he was recognized by the device on his shield
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How To Use device In A Sentence

  • So spake he, and Athene was mightily angered at heart, and chid Odysseus in wrathful words: ‘Odysseus, thou hast no more steadfast might nor any prowess, as when for nine whole years continually thou didst battle with the Trojans for high born Helen, of the white arms, and many men thou slewest in terrible warfare, and by thy device the wide-wayed city of Priam was taken. Book XXII
  • A vacuum absorbing device absorbs the smooth plane of the extracting device and the socket connector is positioned on the circuit board, thus achieving the goal of automatic assembling.
  • When left to my own devices for a couple of weeks, I begin to habitually bake and craft and, well, housekeep.
  • So, the system of existential graphs actually requires three dimensions for its representations, although the third dimension in which the torus is embedded can usually be represented in two dimensions by the use of pictorial devices that Peirce called “fornices” or “tunnel-bridges” and by the use of identificational devices that Peirce called Nobody Knows Nothing
  • The interior of the suction device is sleeved with a nozzle unit device which can inject backwash water to a suction port and the low pressure area of the filter screen part.
  • This makes is seem inevitable that the scanning device which supposedly generates higher-order experiences of our first-order visual experience would have to be almost as sophisticated and complex as the visual system itself.
  • It has also been claimed that part or all of the device's memory can be mounted on a host computer's desktop as a removable storage device.
  • The report criticized a former commissioner and two device division leaders for their role in approving Menaflex. FDA to Revoke Knee-Device Approval, Saying It Erred
  • I duly surrendered my little device, only to feel a sudden pang of panic on my way back to my seat. Times, Sunday Times
  • These malignant Las Vegas showgirl lookalikes are holding Earth hostage, controlling the monsters with shrewdly hidden remote devices.
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