How To Use Detribalize In A Sentence

  • Kenyatta insists that only a detribalized African will marry an uncircumcised woman, and his account of the ritual stresses its high cultural valence in traditional Gikuyu culture.
  • As a liberal politician, Rimi caught the figure of a detribalized Nigerian, who would rather support a noble cause as against playing an ethnic card. Thisday Online
  • Blacks, for the grandchildren of slaves were detribalized, or perhaps more accurately, compressed into a single national tribe of Blackness. The Madhouse Called 'Home' (Kenya)
  • Though the movement soon after coming to power crushed independent-minded trade unionists, often dubbed as "Trotskyists," many of Angola's relatively detribalized urban workers also looked toward the MPLA. Inside Angola
  • The late Ninian Smart, a doyen in the comparative study of religion, argued that it is through the comparative analysis of worldviews that we will generate the normative conceptual resources and categories for worldview evaluation, if only because the process itself will serve to “detribalize Westerners,” that is, enable us to overcome our dispositional tendency to “treat our tradition normatively, either explicitly or secretly. The rainbow as refracted truth
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  • Natives who conformed to the act could detribalize and become American citizens in the fullest sense. A History of American Law
  • This cluster includes a number of Eurafrican and Mestico groups, as well as 1.2 million detribalized peoples in Nigeria. Survey of West Africa: Peoples Summarized
  • The point is that the people of the Anambra are detribalized, great patriots and open minded. Governor Peter Obi : Does he deserve a second term?
  • At a time when probes in the country are yielding great harvests, Pat's name has been singularly unsullied, which confirmed the impression of him as an honest, detribalized Nigerian. Vanguard
  • He was detribalized, forthright and a strong believer in the rule of law. Vanguard
  • Until very recently, the main thrust of federal policy was to break up the extended family, the clan structure, to detribalize and assimilate Indian populations.
  • Rather than trying to detribalize Zaire, Mobutu simply made sure that leaders of each power faction had a share of the riches, while he skimmed off the top. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Shih Lo had escaped from slavery in China and had risen to be a military leader among detribalized Huns. A History of China

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