determining factor

  1. a determining or causal element or factor
    education is an important determinant of one's outlook on life
  2. an argument that is conclusive
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How To Use determining factor In A Sentence

  • In mammals, male sex determination is triggered by a primary signal, encoded by the testis determining factor SRY, localized on the Y chromosome.
  • The bursars will be chosen on the basis of the information provided to the University through those web pages, with financial need being the major determining factor.
  • The determining factor is not the amount of money but what was in the mind of the giver and receiver when it was offered. Times, Sunday Times
  • The more precise statistics of the causes of prostitution seldom assign seduction as the main determining factor in more than about twenty per cent. of cases, though this is obviously one of the most easily avowable motives (see _ante_, p. 256). Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 6 Sex in Relation to Society
  • Postan's strength was that he had an all-embracing explanation for everything that happened - namely, that the determining factor was population.
  • Statesmanship today calls for a very sober and sane appraisal of the whole situation and one great factor which to my mind is going to be the determining factor in the whole situation is that England today is dealing with a new India, an India that might have been guilty of her sins of omission and commission in the past, and so have been many other countries, but India feels a sense of frustration and humiliation to be the only country, a country of 350 million people today, in the 20th century, taking dictation from a foreign power, and that sentiment is so profound and so wide-spread that even those people who do not take an active part in politics cherish that feeling uppermost in their hearts. India's Fight For Freedom
  • Age and experience will be determining factors in our choice of candidate.
  • The light aromatic materials, and the other substances which are steam-distillable, i.e. which are driven off when coffee is concentrated by boiling, are the main determining factors in the individuality of coffees. All About Coffee
  • The extent of fibrosis is the determining factor in staging the disease and is assessed with a liver biopsy.
  • The determining factors, rather, are economic opportunities, or people's hopes that they will find better economic opportunities than in the places they leave.
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