[ UK /dɪspˈɔ‍ɪld/ ]
  1. having been robbed and destroyed by force and violence
    the raped countryside
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How To Use despoiled In A Sentence

  • Placentia had been ceded to the holy see as a dependency of the exarchate, asserts that the Greek emperors were justly despoiled of their rights because they had excited the people against God. A Philosophical Dictionary
  • If the economic man has defiled temples and despoiled nature, he has also preserved. The Shrinkage of the Planet
  • His rights cannot be established by possession from time immemorial, nor by innumerable and regular acquittances; he must produce the act of enfeoffment which is many centuries old, the lease which has never, perhaps, been written out, the primitive title already rare in 1720, [2229] and since stolen or burnt in the recent jacqueries: otherwise he is despoiled without indemnity. The French Revolution - Volume 1
  • There was also wide-ranging destruction in the countryside, particularly affecting the fortress towns, which were pillaged and despoiled.
  • Peese soon got into trouble, however, and when a number of merchants who had been despoiled had succeeded in proving that his gunboat was a worse terror to them than the pirates whom he worried, he disappeared for a time. Concerning "Bully" Hayes From "The Strange Adventure Of James Shervinton and Other Stories" - 1902
  • The Mexican republic, declared Castillo, had been “despoiled, outraged, contemned” by the United States. A Country of Vast Designs
  • We face a planet that is despoiled and impoverished.
  • And, considering that the hour – glass they turned from year to year was filled with the earthiest and coarsest sand, the Bleeding Heart Yarders had reason enough for objecting to be despoiled of the one little golden grain of poetry that sparkled in it. Little Dorrit
  • Severus mounted the tribunal, sternly reproached them with perfidy and cowardice, dismissed them with ignominy from the trust which they had betrayed, despoiled them of their splendid ornaments, and banished them, on pain of death, to the distance of a hundred miles from the capital. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Some of the country's finest beaches are despoiled during the summer, with discarded nappies, bottles, crisp packets and even animal carcases.
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