1. changing from an adsorbed state on a surface to a gaseous or liquid state
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How To Use desorption In A Sentence

  • The instruments are designed for high precision scientific applications including single crystal calorimetry, laser induced desorption and flash temperature gas evolution.
  • This paper analyzes the common deoxidize methods of heating power, vacuum, adding medication in furnace and desorption, points out the advantages, shortcomings and usage range of every methods.
  • Workplace air - Determination of cyclohexanone - Solvent desorption gas chromatographic method.
  • In order to be able to predict the sorption-desorption behavior of compounds in soils, the level and composition of the natural [plant cutin/cutan] components of soil organic matter must be evaluated. Newswise: Latest News
  • In adsorption chromatography, solute molecules of the mobile phase undergo many successive adsorptions and desorptions.
  • The remaining land has been further treated by solidification, bio-remediation and indirect thermal desorption.
  • Numerous factors contribute to protein desorption and ionization.
  • The team used a mass spectrometry analysis technique developed by Cooks and coworkers called desorption electrospray ionization, or DESI, to measure and compare the chemical characteristics of 68 samples of normal and cancerous prostate tissue. R&D Mag - News
  • In order for a stevia plant to be converted into the final, GRAS approved product, milling, extracting, combining, chemical refining, filtrating, desorption, sterilization, recrystallization and purifying may have to occur depending on the procedure (s) used. Pooja R. Mottl: Can Stevia Solve Our Obsession With Sweetness?
  • This was followed by plasma desorption in the 1970s, which uses high energy ions to desorb and ionise molecules.
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