[ UK /dɪskɹˈɪptɪv/ ]
[ US /dɪsˈkɹɪptɪv/ ]
  1. serving to describe or inform or characterized by description
    the descriptive variable
    a descriptive passage
  2. of or relating to an approach to linguistic analysis that aims at the description of a language's forms, structures and usage
    descriptive grammar
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How To Use descriptive In A Sentence

  • We used survey methods to conduct a descriptive, comparative, multisite study.
  • In a language that invents descriptive terms with drunken abandon, all food writers suffer from the meagre cupboard of gastronomic terms. Times, Sunday Times
  • As Geoff points out, the Inuit's polysynthetic language puts them in a strong position to make up descriptive words like this.
  • He'd like "happiness" to be given a new and more scientifically descriptive label, to wit "Major affective disorder, pleasant type".
  • The beautiful pictures and descriptive commentary showed what a fine country Zimbabwe is.
  • The descriptive passages when she has tea with friends, or tends her garden, or shops for blouses to fit her ample bosom are a pleasure and add a completeness to the character.
  • Link thank you oliver sacks for your descriptive skills you employed in so many excellent books. your account of your vision changes made me weep. how easily we take stereovision for granted. — melynda reid The World Science Festival: Oliver Sacks at the MET - ArtsBeat Blog -
  • While I haven't read this directly, I would presume that the Latin name in turn formed, as many Latin cognomina do, from a descriptive adjective. Sentina, an Etruscanized Latin name
  • {242} This is preferred to grallatorial, as more comprehensively descriptive. Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation
  • The five volumes consisted of an octavo of 786 pages of descriptive matter and four imperial folios containing 213 plates.
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