[ US /dɪˈsɛnt/ ]
[ UK /dɪsˈɛnt/ ]
  1. the act of changing your location in a downward direction
  2. a movement downward
  3. the descendants of one individual
    his entire lineage has been warriors
  4. the kinship relation between an individual and the individual's progenitors
  5. a downward slope or bend
  6. properties attributable to your ancestry
    he comes from good origins
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How To Use descent In A Sentence

  • You see that you're undershooting and so, leaving the throttle as is, you attempt to flatten your descent path by lifting the nose a bit - and you enter the region of reverse command.
  • I got off it and he was incandescent with rage, much of which was to impress the owners. The Sun
  • The difference in turn-on time would generally not be noticeable for standard household incandescent bulbs, since they turn on very quickly.
  • Without iridescent blue eye shadow, an effulgent outfit or a hair-sprayed coif, she looks normal.
  • The plan will also position the Cassini orbiter farther away during that descent.
  • Moreover, I can't think of any other 'minority' of which this is remotely true, unless it were to be the other minority from which I can claim descent: people of British or Anglophile provenance. Christopher Hitchens: Reinstate Rick Sanchez!
  • Umbilical hernias occur more often in premature infants and those of African American descent.
  • At this stage the rate of descent and particularly the angular rotation appeared to me to be very high and I was sure that ground impact in this configuration would have severe consequences.
  • This horse was so fleet, and its rider so expert, that they are said to have outstripped and coted, or turned, a hare upon the Bran-Law, near the head of Moffat Water, where the descent is so precipitous, that no merely earthly horse could keep its feet, or merely mortal rider could keep the saddle. Old Mortality, Complete
  • The most moving moment, and one that I had not anticipated, happened during my descent to the sepulcher holding the body of St. James.
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