[ US /ˈdɛɹɪk/ ]
[ UK /dˈɛɹɪk/ ]
  1. a simple crane having lifting tackle slung from a boom
  2. a framework erected over an oil well to allow drill tubes to be raised and lowered
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How To Use derrick In A Sentence

  • From the window of the doomed wretch's apartments a derrick protrudes -- a crossarm with a pulley and a rope attached. Europe Revised
  • Opener Derrick Hodge is best known as a bassist who's supported artists as varied as Terence Blanchard, Common, Mulgrew Miller and Kanye West. Brooders, Crooners and Belters
  • LINKS, new archives profile layout dland alexis alfred althea anqi chu yuan chrissy daniel tay derrick huiling monster serene chen xiao shi xinni xinru Zhen-zhen Diary Entry
  • Yet despite a third-act plunge into compromised stodge (which is unsurprising considering its star names), there's some surprisingly edgy humour at work in this darker-than-expected comedy from German-born writer-director Derrick Borte. Mark Kermode's DVD round-up
  • The amusement of the onlookers changed to gaping wonder when they saw him deliberately bore a hole in the bottom of the boat near the bow, after which, fixing up some kind of derrick, he tipped the boat so that the water she had taken in at the stern ran out in front, and she floated safely over the dam. The Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln
  • This was swung up on the derrick, the barge closed up, the piece deposited in it. DOUBTFUL MOTIVES
  • Derrick Evans is Roland Rat with pecs appeal - and the housewives love it.
  • NEW MEANINGS analyst gate mu-meson bob immune, adj. muonon, butter pat laggard suffix delocalize, v. lagger paging derrick, v. meson plasma digger microelectrode poach, v. fat receptor reduplicate, gravisphere ductibility v. moonfall electrohydraulic spinner parakite standoff resistojet fluidonics station BLENDS (2) fluoridizer zone gayola incapacitator VARIANT FORM plench Mosleyite tabbouli BOUND-MORPHEME mysterium FUNCTIONAL ITEMS (7) oceanologic, VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XV No 1
  • The crane for hoisting goods is called a derrick, from this hangman. Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, Vol. 1 A Revised American Edition of the Reader's Handbook
  • The vessel to be fitted with winches, derricks, wheels and ordinary runners capable of handling lifts up to 2 tons.
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