How To Use Deputy sheriff In A Sentence

  • We reported last night here on several police departments in California that are trying to reverse a longstanding policy preventing police officers and deputy sheriffs from enforcing our national immigration laws.
  • I've been pepper sprayed before, my buddy is a deputy sheriff. Use Pepper Spray Instead of Guns to Stop a Charging Grizzly
  • Deputy Sheriff Darrell Mongar testified during a February hearing that Bartley told him the pistol was his father's and he planned to trade it for OxyContin, a powerful painkiller.
  • Bud ... billie louden wrote: "I am a Deputy Sheriff Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local
  • The deputy sheriff in an Ohio town has a population in panic as military forces scramble to cover up something...they won't reveal what ...that is stalking the streets.
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  • One of the early first responders was a San Bernardino deputy sheriff who noticed the all-pervading odor of tequila and took charge. Fatal Error
  • It was revealed after his trial that the jury forewoman in his case was the ex-wife of the deputy sheriff who testified in the case.
  • These two assistants had arrived in Glen Ellen like precious goods in bond and been receipted for by the local deputy sheriff, who, in addition, reported on them to the prison authorities each month. CHAPTER XX
  • Ben is modeled on a real person, Jim Hathaway, who was a legendary cattleman, deputy sheriff, and soldier of fortune in southern Arizona in the early-to-mid 20th century. A Conversation with Philip Caputo about Crossers
  • The trailer was anchored down and the anchors are gone, " said Autauga County Chief Deputy Sheriff Joe Sedinger.
  • So deputy sheriffs went out and deputized citizens.
  • Beijing has no desire whatsoever to be the world's deputy sheriff.
  • One day the young deputy sheriff observed the elderly man mowing a neighbor’s yard.
  • The trailer was anchored down and the anchors are gone, " said Autauga County Chief Deputy Sheriff Joe Sedinger.
  • What: A West Texas deputy sheriff is slowly unmasked as a psychotic killer.! » Confessions Of A Filmaholic: Summer 2010 Movie Preview! McJeffrey Reveals The Movies He’s Looking Forward To This Summer!
  • And so being a lapdog to the United States, or as he says deputy sheriff to the United States I think is an outrageous concept.

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