1. tending to decrease or cause a decrease in value
    depreciatory effects on prices
    a depreciating currency
  2. tending to diminish or disparage
    deprecatory remarks about the book
    belittling comments
    managed a deprecating smile at the compliment
    a slighting remark
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How To Use depreciatory In A Sentence

  • their views of life were reductive and depreciatory
  • My good friend, I am afraid that the course of my speculations is leading me to say something depreciatory of legislators; but if the word be to the purpose, there can be no harm. Laws
  • I sent him, therefore, the book, carefully sealed up, with an intimation that I requested the favour of his opinion upon the contents, of which I affected to talk in the depreciatory style, which calls for point-blank contradiction, if your correspondent possess a grain of civility. The Surgeon's Daughter
  • It is common now for these views to be dismissed with de haut en bas gestures of depreciatory scorn.
  • To the repetition he added with manifest sincerity, though also with a self-depreciatory movement of the head: Through Russia
  • To reflect these depreciatory factors it was appropriate to discount the valuation of the claimants' shareholdings after implementation of the transaction by 80% to 90%.
  • The depreciatory or vilificatory fashionable novel delights in exposing the peccadilloes, or imagined peccadilloes, (for it is all the same,) of young or old people of fashion: a gourmand peer, a titled demirep, a "desperate dandy," a black-leg, and a few such other respectable characters, are dialogued through the customary number of chapters, and conducted to the usual catastrophe: virtue is triumphant, vice abashed, towards the latter end of the last volume; and some low-born hero and heroine, introduced to exhibit, by contrast, the vices of the aristocracy, suddenly, and without any effort of their own, acquire large fortunes, perhaps titles, which it would have been just as easy to have given them at first—go to church in an orthodox manner, and set up a virtuous aristocracy of their own. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine — Volume 53, No. 327, January, 1843
  • Seoul's exit strategy at that time turned out to be a global financial crisis plus the strategic firing of the finance minister who had presided over the won's depreciatory "overshooting". Won-dering as They Wander
  • Ike has a way of giving a self-depreciatory chuckle at the end of every sentence. outfoxed Diary Entry
  • Bar was likewise always modest and self – depreciatory — in his way. Little Dorrit
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