How To Use Deprecatory In A Sentence

  • In fact the Philistine plain (which, however, we were now soon to leave) was always noted for the plague of flies, and this gave rise to the ancient deprecatory worship of Baal-zebub, "the lord of flies," by that people; there is still a village upon the plain named Byeways in Palestine
  • He was a gifted illustrator, and seems to have known it, for he was modest and usually self-deprecatory. Empire of Dreams
  • He compèred for the corporation and the bands submitted to interviews with him and made the right deprecatory noises.
  • You have to be able to write well and be self-deprecatory to pull off this sort of introspection. Times, Sunday Times
  • It's a self-deprecatory term used in the light infantry to contrast with those others who move about the battlefield in Armored Personnel Carriers, aka APC's. LPC Marksmanship*
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  • In my more than two years of writing on the web, I have had enough deprecatory e-mails from readers who do not share my high opinion of the man.
  • And it's not uncommon for the cutter to carve self-deprecatory words into her skin: ugly, worthless, bad. Dr. Harold Koplewicz: YouTube Cutters: What Parents Can Do About Kids Injuring Themselves on Camera
  • The fact that the effect observed RF burns on human skin happens over a small area, and is accompanied by other phenomena that one might not notice until the second or third such incident is strongly indicative of resistive heating, and deprecatory of a diathermy hypothesis. stevaroni replied to comment from Shebardigan Freshwater: A Bonsell in the offing? - The Panda's Thumb
  • deprecatory remarks about the book
  • Other ranking officers have also made deprecatory and abusive comments about the defence minister at international meetings.
  • The tone is deprecatory throughout, and 30 cartoons, many of which are full page, reinforce the ridicule and derision.
  • The book is surely demeaning, and for the Germans the main character conjures up a familiar and deprecatory stereotype.
  • The beauty of our homegrown varieties of eccentricity is in the triumph of a poised, moderate balance, coupled with a dose of thoroughly deprecatory satire.
  • During the meeting the President spoke in deprecatory terms of the model course of school drill now practised in our schools.
  • We shouldn't, admittedly, be too self-deprecatory about this. Times, Sunday Times
  • And he smiled with a feeble and deprecatory smile.
  • ‘Hey, listen’, I said, with a wry self - deprecatory shake of the head, ‘You don't want to hear a superannuated sociologist propounding half - baked theories.
  • Her lively humour was self-deprecatory. Times, Sunday Times
  • Composing himself, he turned to the girl again with a deprecatory smile. But no smile answered him from her set face.
  • The crowd applauds politely but warmly, Art says thanks for the kind words, and puts the crowd at ease from the get-go with some self-deprecatory humor. With Arthur Rimbaud at the Chamber of Commerce Lunch
  • The end of the eulogy abandons the apparently deprecatory mythological images.
  • These criticisms of his theological proposal should not in any way be interpreted as deprecatory of the project in hand.
  • If someone angers me, I can cite my antagonist's deprecatory tone; if someone makes me jealous, I can point to his poaching on my emotional property.
  • At a nod from him, the semicircle seated itself on the manienie grass, and with further deprecatory smiles waited his pleasure. THE BONES OF KAHEKILI
  • Now adopt some of that tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecatory humor on your own social media outposts. Debbie Weil: Open Letter to BP: Three Tips on How to Use Social Media and the Web to Diffuse Your PR Crisis
  • He is a tremendous comic when he wants to be, as well as arrogant and deprecatory, with humor, when he feels that it is appropriate.
  • Ninety-nine times out of 100 when I have heard Mexicans use the word 'gringo' it's in a way that is deprecatory or worse, usually preceded by 'pinche' -- in other words, designed to be taken as an offense. GRINGOS AND GRINGAS....what's in an appelation?
  • As an essayist, he conveys similar purpose, putting across his thoughts in a lively, questioning, allusive and often self-deprecatory way.
  • With a faint deprecatory chuckle, as if to say that he would have enjoyed this had life put him in the habit of enjoying anything, Merlin doddered away to the back of his shop where his treasures were kept, to get this latest investment which he had picked up rather cheaply at the sale of a big collection. Tales of the Jazz Age
  • He met each interviewer on deck with a deprecatory smile, and the hat pushed back on his head.
  • As the handsome and distinguished-looking bridegroom stood before the altar awaiting the entrance of his bride, it were almost sacrilege to utter a word deprecatory or otherwise. Marguerite Verne
  • Yet on challenge, we should not be too self-deprecatory. Times, Sunday Times
  • If he follows the Kevin Federline playbook, we can expect to see him playing himself in a self-deprecatory Super Bowl ad, guest starring as an impending corpse on a CBS cop show, and emerging as the surprisingly sane parent after Kate goes on a head-shaving bender. 'Kate Plus Eight': What will Jon Gosselin do now? |
  • A flaccid, unwholesome-looking hand was raised slowly, in a kind of deprecatory gesture; then allowed to fall again upon the belly where it lay, with the five fingers, round and chalky-white, extended like the rays of a starfish. South Wind
  • There were self-deprecatory references to losing his parliamentary seat after 13 years, allusions to the Cheeky Girls and corruption in parliament, a duff anecdote about his name – almost an anagram of "I like to be MP", he told us – and a small section about the Daily Mail, which had quoted the event's promoter, Robert Meakin, on the likelihood of Opik being bottled off the stage. Lembit Opik
  • No doubt, the Government's somewhat dismissive and deprecatory attitude towards those opposed to ratification succeeded in turning off a big section of the electorate.
  • The ‘fastest girl in town’ label accentuates and casts a deprecatory shadow onto her racial otherness, and she eventually leaves Ruby.
  • He is more modest and self-deprecatory than the chattering and critiquing classes give him credit for. Times, Sunday Times
  • I heard myself describe my car with the deprecatory affection with which people commonly speak of family curiosities, eccentricities. I'LL TAKE YOU THERE
  • A gravely sedate demeanour would have seemed the more fitting facial expression for his age and the generally accepted nature of his calling, -- a kind of deprecatory toleration of the sunshine as part of the universal 'vanity' of mundane things, -- or a condescending consciousness of the bursting apple-blossoms within his reach as a kind of inferior earthy circumstance which could neither be altered nor avoided. God's Good Man
  • These terms attached a deprecatory image to the person so identified.
  • That can seem like a loss of regard for others’ feelings, as if we had become more self-centred, the ‘me-generation’ in Tom Wolfe's deprecatory phrase.
  • The pianist's role is controlling and self-deprecatory, and Lortie was pervasive yet discreet, pulling the other players and us with him into Chausson's bleak world. Lortie/Dumay/Quatuor Ebène
  • It was while defending himself that he was alleged to have made deprecatory remarks about the leader.
  • What put that idea into your head? "replied my father, with a kind of deprecatory smile. Desk and Debit or, The Catastrophes of a Clerk
  • So the concept of the tourist as a nuisance and a parasite upon his host country did not take long to establish and the word was almost from the beginning used in a deprecatory sense.
  • Apart from self-deprecatory remarks, will he now start to censor himself beforehand with his writers and, worse, when he interacts with his guests on the panel? Michael Russnow: David Letterman Apology Redux: Shame on Dave for Buckling Under to Palin's Lies

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