[ UK /dɪpɹˈævɪti/ ]
[ US /dɪˈpɹævəti/ ]
  1. a corrupt or depraved or degenerate act or practice
    the various turpitudes of modern society
  2. moral perversion; impairment of virtue and moral principles
    its brothels, its opium parlors, its depravity
    the luxury and corruption among the upper classes
    moral degeneracy followed intellectual degeneration
    Rome had fallen into moral putrefaction
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How To Use depravity In A Sentence

  • Tenements, rookeries, and cheap rooming districts exercised a huge symbolic power over the public imagination as centres of vice, squalor, drunkenness, traffic in sex and stolen goods, and general depravity.
  • The nature of men is described as often having a natural depravity that is hidden inside respectability.
  • When I mentioned that I couldn't quite see that it was the lack of thrift, the intemperance, and the depravity of a half-starved child of six that made it work twelve hours every night in a Southern cotton mill, these sisters of Judy O'Grady attacked my private life and called me an "agitator" -- as though that, forsooth, settled the argument. Revolution, and Other Essays
  • The Genesis legends of Cain and Nimrod, Babel and Sodom uniformly attribute impiety, pride, idolatry, luxury, crime and moral depravity to all cities and their founders, Sodom included.
  • In some quarters there has been some recrudescence of the _Shakti_ cultus, with its often obscene and horrible rites, and the unnatural depravity which was so marked a feature in the case of the band of young Brahmans who conspired to murder Mr. Jackson at Nasik represents a form of erotomania which is certainly much more common amongst Hindu political fanatics than amongst Hindus in general. Indian Unrest
  • As in wickedness, depravity, corruption? Christianity Today
  • All crimes great and small could be traced to postcapitalist avarice, egoism, sloth, parasitism, drunkenness, religious prejudices or inherited depravity. Gorky Park
  • An intimidating squad of fearless men whose job it is to maintain the moral rectitude of the country by sniffing out depravity at source. THE COMPANY OF STRANGERS
  • A bad guy is no longer simply the opposite of ‘good guy;’ the ensuing but signals the vitiation of the villainous sting of depravity.
  • Some of the little folks we watch grow up to be young women, and occasionally one of them gets nervous, what we call hysterical, and then that girl will begin to play all sorts of pranks, -- to lie and cheat, perhaps, in the most unaccountable way, so that she might seem to a minister a good example of total depravity. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 06, No. 37, November, 1860
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