1. remove nitrogen from
    Denitrify the soil
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How To Use denitrify In A Sentence

  • There is no reason, however, to suppose that this is so, and several of the denitrifying organisms have been identified. Manures and the principles of manuring
  • The more rapidly water gets into circulation, the more action of denitrifying bacteria in breaking down nitrate beds to increase the atmospheric nitrogen supply and the spread of plants to produce oxygen will be accelerated. The Case for Mars
  • However, these communities, especially it seems in estuaries, have become nitrogen fixing, rather than denitrifying, effectively becoming a source of nitrogen, rather than a sink, with possible ramifications in ocean acidification or the production of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas. Research Blogging - All Topics - English
  • A most probable number method using diphenylamine as a color indicator was employed to enumerate denitrifying bacteria, which produce enzymes for conversion of nitrate to nitrite and nitrite to ammonia in soil.
  • Modern synthetic fertilizer is made from the air and returns to the air via denitrifying bacteria, yet few would call it a renewable resource. Inconvenient Truths About 'Renewable' Energy
  • Oxygen-depleted waters also provide the perfect environment for the growth of a specialized group of bacteria called denitrifying bacteria.
  • We must find ways to either keep the nitrogen in the field or denitrify the water before it drains into streams and rivers.
  • Still other types of bacteria ‘denitrify’ soil by breaking down its nitrogen compounds and returning free nitrogen to the air.
  • So, when there is denitrifying bacteria that means the nitrate is being put back into the atmosphere?
  • In the rotting of our farmyard manure it is possible that the denitrifying organisms may be more active than we have hitherto suspected, and that a considerable loss of nitrogen may in this way be effected. Manures and the principles of manuring
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