[ US /dɛnˈdɹɪtɪk/ ]
[ UK /dɛndɹˈɪtɪk/ ]
  1. (neuroscience) of or relating to or resembling a dendrite
    dendritic fiber
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How To Use dendritic In A Sentence

  • Using human cell lines and isolated mouse cells, Dr. Petar Lenert, an assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Iowa, said he and his colleagues showed the DNA-like compounds were able to selectively reduce the activity of two types of immune cells called autoreactive B cells and dendritic cells. Latest News -
  • Slide 13: MHC molecules and T cell function  Class I MHC molecules  Most nucleated cells of the body  Infected / cancerous cells display parts of foreign antigens on surfaces  Recognized by cytotoxic T cells  Class II MHC molecules  Dendritic cells, macrophages, B cells (APCs) display phagocytized antigen fragments on surfaces  Recognized by helper T cells  T cells that have receptors for self - molecules are destroyed  self - tolerance Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • Results The tonsillar dendritic cell sarcoma had no characteristic clinical manifestations.
  • Axial transport of melanosomes in the dendritic arms of melanocytes is now recognized as another bidirectional dual transport system, containing microtubules near the central axis and subcortical actin filaments.
  • Also, the two geometries are mathematically equivalent with appropriate diffusion scaling, except for the fact that the bulk volume was 1000 fl, whereas the dendritic volume was 1 fl in most runs.
  • Grutzendler J, Kasthuri N, Gan WB (2002) Long-term dendritic spine stability in the adult cortex. PLoS Biology: New Articles
  • A population of specialized cells called "dendritic cells" monitor the proteins that enter the body through the gut. Dr. Richard Palmquist: Honey in Integrative Veterinary Medicine
  • Dendritic" (treelike) immune cells send branches into the respiratory and digestive tracts, where they sample all the microbes we inhale or swallow.
  • The phasic and tonic crayfish claw closer neurons have similar sized somata and parallel dendritic branching.
  • Fine specimens from this locality consist of lustrous lamellae to 3 cm long, prismatic crystals, and penetration twins producing arborescent or dendritic forms.
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