How To Use Demonstrativeness In A Sentence

  • They exchanged excuses and caresses with oriental demonstrativeness and verbosity. Salammbo
  • Lien, as he gave way to demonstrativeness; “what do I care about any other goddess!” Hung Lou Meng
  • But though I hated demonstrativeness, I still kept her by her hand; I looked tenderly into her eyes, and laughed softly and tenderly, and with my other hand stroked her dear face, her hollow cheeks. A Raw Youth
  • The host and hostess restrained themselves from demonstrativeness in parting with her; they were sparing of words, but lavish in little attentions for her comfort. Mother
  • It came to her now that in spite of all his enthusiasm and demonstrativeness in the first stages of this affair, possibly she was much more trivial in his estimation than she had seemed to herself. An American Tragedy
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  • So the two families packed their boys comfortably into a first-class compartment and stood around awkwardly, aching to weep and kiss and have something warming to remember, but stifled by their peculiar British mistrust of demonstrativeness. The Thorn Birds
  • To say nothing of the effect that this newly discovered hyper-demonstrativeness has had on my mother. Soup and Grapes
  • She even laid aside her usual quiet undemonstrativeness, and petted and made much of me, though she laughed a little at what she called my solemn face. Esther : a book for girls
  • If you tone down your demonstrativeness, you will be able to receive what your quiet friend has to offer.
  • Her mother's warmth and demonstrativeness were coupled with a decisive bias toward action.
  • We're just supposed to get on being normal and not alarm people with too much demonstrativeness. 614 - swings and round about
  • Neither was given to demonstrativeness and communicated quietly the pain of ultimate separation.
  • Emotional demonstrativeness has never been our particular modus operandi.
  • Parents are also more controlling rather than accepting of their sons’ behavior and facilitate greater emotional demonstrativeness and awareness in their daughters.
  • He had felt stiff and unnatural under this overdose of demonstrativeness. Australia Felix

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