How To Use Demodulator In A Sentence

  • The accuracy of PAD depends on the errors of I/Q demodulator.
  • Tolkachev was directed to tune into a certain short wave frequency at specific times and days with his demodulator unit connected to his radio to capture the message being sent.
  • The lines through the images are artifacts from the demodulator that is not quite 100% working - yet. NASA Watch: February 2009 Archives
  • It is emphasized that under some poor SNR conditions, the"threshold effect"of non-coherent demodulator degrades seriously, even causes the receiver to be out of work.
  • According to the communication mode and the format of gathering data, to design the data communication protocol between the terminal and the optical fiber Bragg sense signal demodulator.
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  • The MT312 is a single-chip variable rate digital quadrature phase shift keying satellite demodulator.
  • The RFID analog front end includes a local oscillator, clock generator, power on reset circuit, matching network and backscatter, rectifier, regulator, and AM demodulator.
  • The idea of pushing data down a telephonic connection through the intermediary of an acoustically coupled modulator-demodulator? The New Retro
  • Its innovation lies in the design of the detection mechanism in the demodulator, which is based on symbol pattern recognition.
  • The lines through the images are artifacts from the demodulator that is not quite 100% working - yet. NASA Watch: February 2009 Archives
  • The signals from the transducer were processed through a demodulator and then sampled by a computer at 50 Hz.
  • Thirdly, according to the design techniques mentioned above, three kinds of Low-Power rectifier, demodulator and other circuits, such as bias circuits, POR generator, etc. are put forward.
  • The demodulator, which is designed specifically for the symbol-set used by the modulator, determines the phase of the received signal and maps it back to the symbol it represents, thus recovering the original data. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • ‘The receiver must synchronize its demodulator with the bit stream,’ he explained.
  • He was also passed a demodulator unit, which was to be connected to the short wave radio when a message was to be received.
  • In the sixties the computers, mainframes and mini-computers, could be connected with each other by modem modulator en demodulator, a device as large as a VCR. Archive 2008-08-18
  • High stability PLL - modulator and high sensitivity receiving demodulator are introduced.

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