How To Use Demist In A Sentence

  • He hit it at speed while demisting his windscreen. The Sun
  • They say there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things .... this was defiantly the wrong way and approach to removing the demister pad. - Business News
  • The demisters stopped working and it was real heavy rain and I couldn't see anything.
  • She'll be in the post tonight - just put it here in the windscreen demister vent where I can't forget it. CORMORANT
  • If its descriptions of character had been given in the language of the philosopher or academist, what was intelligible to one age would have been perplexing or meaningless to the next. John the Baptist
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  • demist the car windows
  • There could be too much damp in the car, so when the interior heats up the water that has leaked in begins to evaporate and, as fast as the heater tries to demist it, the windscreen steams up again.
  • This deals with the heavier demands placed on a car in winter conditions, as cold starts plus increased use of heater systems, headlights and rear demisters all take their toll.
  • But those 48 and over are more concerned with mirror-demisting, automatic braking systems and parking sensors. The Sun
  • A good feature is that the rear window is glass and has a built-in demister.
  • The video camera used was to help the welder see what he was doing while cutting away the material of the demister. - Business News
  • This demister pad was set a fire to remove the material and supports using a welder torch in hopes to eliminate costs. - Business News
  • ‘We had to provide equipment to demist it, otherwise you'd only have seen them through Scotch mist,’ Masters said.
  • The article with the actual operation and maintenance of exposure operation, exposure to the main problems of demister scaling are analyzed.
  • It adopts visual instrument technique and combines characteristics of dust catcher and demister to develop an effective data acquisition system, it can accomplish signal collection and processing.
  • The simulation also shows the tracks of droplets, and the detailed distributions of pressure, velocity, vortex and droplet concentration, which are instructional to the optimal design of demister.
  • Other conveniences are day/night rear view mirror, intermittent wiper function, digital clock, climate control and rear window demister.
  • When the soft top is up, there is a feeling of good quality, thanks to a fabric inner liner that also helps reduce noise intrusion, and the rear window is glass with an integrated demister. - Stuff
  • It passes through a demister to remove water droplets, then is circulated back into the insulated room where the produce is stored. 1. The jab-seeder a tool for manual seeding
  • Turn on the heater and the windscreen demisting function to prevent condensation in the vehicle. Times, Sunday Times
  • For a moment they sat in silence, swathed all around in white billows of exhaust, waiting for the heater to demist the windscreen. GRACE
  • The only iffy note was the extravagantly furry fingerless gloves, but they'd be brilliant for demisting your windscreen mid-drive. Times, Sunday Times
  • The cooler requires pumps and a fan, an evaporator coil made of bare copper tubing, PVC nozzles, and wooden slats for the demister. 1. The jab-seeder a tool for manual seeding
  • But realize that the face shield can not be popped open for demisting or ventilation at slower speeds.
  • This car comes standard with air conditioner, power steering, central locking, electric windows, electric side mirrors, rear wiper and demister, cupholders and remote bootlid and fuel flap release.
  • Its problem is that the heater system is inadequate to demist the front windscreen.
  • The standard kit list includes a single-CD tuner with steering wheel-mounted remote controls and auxiliary audio input (s), air conditioning, a rear demister, follow-me home headlamps, power windows and mirrors, remote central locking, engine immobiliser, 12-volt power outlet and height adjustable headlamps. Car Advice | News | Reviews
  • In the bathroom, hidden shelving pops out right next to the demisting mirror. Times, Sunday Times
  • 2. OK I accept Caplans argument, educated non-academist are more sensible than average, academics and intellectualls are less read the NYT about any economic issue, for example free trade or outsorcing. Elite Folly and Selection Bias, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • Why does my car's ventilation system demist the windscreen more quickly when I turn on the air cooling?
  • Images from the two bumper-mounted cameras are shown on the sat nav screen, but the cameras needed demisting in frosty weather. FWi - All News
  • All the windows on the car are glass (including the rear) and they all feature ‘invisible’ heating elements to promote rapid demisting and defrosting.
  • It starts with a small demisting opening and goes up from there.

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