How To Use Demilitarise In A Sentence

  • One entry suggests that the two countries tear off the barb wire along the demilitarized zone, sell them and use the fund to finance the cost of national unification.
  • The Japanese invasion of Rehe (Jehol, Jan. –March) led to a truce signed at Tanggu which created a demilitarized zone in eastern Hebei province under Japanese domination. 1933, May 27
  • ‘We seek a region in which demilitarized zones and missile batteries no longer separate people with a common heritage, and a common future,’ he added.
  • I think they wanted to demilitarize, civilianize, if you will, The Times of My Life and My Life with the Times
  • Lacking obvious leaders who represent the opposition's demands beyond Mubarak's removal – for real democracy and free and fair elections – how does this new, popular and vibrant movement maintain its momentum to demilitarise politics and society? Hosni Mubarak is gone, but can Egypt's digital revolution unite the country?
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  • He said thousands of Koreans still levelled guns at one another along the demilitarised zone between them.
  • But they also want to create what they're calling a demilitarized zone. CNN Transcript Aug 13, 2008
  • That May - after the Indian advance was halted by a massive avalanche that killed a large number of their troops - both sides agreed to demilitarize the summit.
  • North and South Korea are working on projects to fully connect two sets of railways across the demilitarized zone that separates the Korean Peninsula at the 38th parallel.
  • It was to end this ping-pong game that the international community has called for Bunia to be demilitarised and for armed groups to be cantoned outside the town" he added, saying the presence of armed militia made it impossible for assembly members to move around town. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Founded to settle long-standing territorial disputes and to demilitarize borders, the organization now stresses counterterrorism cooperation and regional trade.
  • Dog/cat detente is still on the level of demilitarized zones, alas. I need a woman with eyes like rodin, see the body caught within the stone
  • Cat-unfriendly environments include active minefields, demilitarized zones, the bottom of the ocean, and hell.
  • Every society that at least partially demilitarized at some point, he argues, had strong monastic institutions, including Tibet, India and Japan.
  • NGUYEN: North Korea's nuclear program has increased tensions with South Korea, separated from the north by a narrow strip of land known as the demilitarized zone. CNN Transcript Oct 14, 2006
  • On March 30, 1972, Hanoi launched its own major offensive across the demilitarized zone.
  • At least they are all talking, and common ground was agreed on the need for strengthening border controls with Rwanda, suspected of providing backing for renegade ex-general Laurent Nkunda, and the need for all armed groups in the region to demilitarise. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • A ceasefire was eventually agreed in 1953, but a peace treaty has never been signed and the Demilitarised Zone is one of the most heavily militarised places in the world.
  • No-fly" zones refer to demilitarized air space - an area which has been declared off-limits to aircraft, especially military aircraft. What Are 'No-Fly' Zones?
  • The court called for a demilitarized zone near the Preah Vihear temple and the posting of Indonesian army observers to enforce the agreement.
  • If the demilitarized zone were to disappear as suddenly as the Berlin wall did, the South's economy would undoubtedly be crushed by the overwhelming poverty of the North.
  • The demilitarized zone between the two countries is heavily guarded.
  • Although pains of separation are vividly felt at every corner, the mine-studded Demilitarized Zone is a home to many near-extinct animals.
  • SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) -- A North Korean soldier defected across the demilitarized zone and sought asylum in South Korea on Sunday, according to a South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman.
  • The film starts with a high speed hovercraft chase through a minefield in the demilitarised zone separating North and South Korea.
  • North Korea has one of the largest armed forces in the world with 1.1 million troops, many of them forward-deployed near the Demilitarised Zone that bisects the Korean peninsula.
  • On March 30, 1972, Hanoi launched its own major offensive across the demilitarized zone.
  • In military terms the 16,000-square-mile demilitarised zone is a vital strategic area where the rebels have been able to recruit, train and resupply.
  • The SCO was set up out of the “Shanghai Five” which was founded in 1996 to demilitarise the border between China and the former Soviet Union. Think Progress » House Conservatives Endorse Direct, Unconditional Talks With Iran
  • French troops also occupied the Rhineland, to ensure that Germany remained demilitarized, as the treaty insisted.
  • Aided by South Korean activists, they could begin moving north toward the Yalu River border with China or south to the Demilitarized Zone DMZ, which has divided North from South since the 1953 Korean War Armistice Agreement. 'The Great Successor'
  • No one in this world is going to invest time here unless they see the country demilitarise and demobilise.
  • By the time the Troopers arrived we had the living room equivalent of what Cronkite on the seven o'clock news might have called a demilitarized zone. Moratorium
  • No one in this world is going to invest time here unless they see the country demilitarise and demobilise.
  • Third, the Palestinian state must remain demilitarized, not only to satisfy Israel's requirements but also to conserve financial resources to enable investments in the infrastructure of the state, thereby increasing the vested interests in maintaining peace. Alon Ben-Meir: Reconciling Israel's Security With Palestinian Statehood
  • The slashing of force levels alone will not demilitarise our society. ANC Today
  • In exchange, it wants the rebels to lay down their arms and demilitarize.
  • Selling demilitarized missiles however is acceptable, an spokesman said.
  • As many people know, the two sides are in close proximity, separated only by the so-called demilitarized zone, so its hard to see how, you know, a war would be in anyones interest. Seoul Resumes Propaganda War Against North Korea
  • The area could be turned into a demilitarized zone.
  • tensions exist on both sides of the demilitarized zone separating North Korea and South Korea
  • He added that there was ‘annoyance’ among the party grass-roots about the British ‘refusal’ to demilitarise.
  • And, I hope, pass laws sooner rather than later to demilitarise the police; ban Tasers and rubber bullets; criminalise police and politician violence against free speech activities; demand prosecutions for financial fraud; compel the corporate books that unaccountably swallow billions in tax revenue to be audited; investigate torturers; bring home soldiers from corporate wars of choice – and rebuild society, this time from the grassroots up, accountably, lawfully and democratically. How to Occupy the moral and political high ground | Naomi Wolf
  • Now, from the war that brought us nonpermissive environment, we have a distinction drawn between disarm and demilitarize. No Uncertain Terms
  • According to the Archbishop, the ‘crisis in Iraq’ has been caused by America's misguided sense of its mission in the world, that it had lost the moral high ground since the September 11 attacks and that it should provide aid to Iraq, stop exploiting its territory and demilitarise it. On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...
  • A demilitarized zone has been created on the border between the warring countries.
  • The prisons systems would be emptied and the borders demilitarized and opened.
  • That only islands or demilitarized posts remained in French hands was to the good, for it meant less risk of incidents with Britain, at least until France had put its affairs in order and rebuilt its navy.
  • He said the campaign fully supported the legislation and would be lobbying for the United Nations and the African Union to encourage governments in programmes to demilitarise society. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • One of the most famous artists to ground their work in the phoneme is the Dadaist Kurt Schwitters, whose "Ur Sonata" demilitarized language after World War I by softening and subtilizing phonemes through the performance of a score. Schwitters 'work coincides with the Russian Futurists', whose made-up language "Zaum" used phonemics to tap language's universal source, and thereby its glossolalic, transliterative potentials. Undefined
  • High-performance tactical aircraft or drones would cross the demilitarized zone and North Korean coasts and penetrate up to fifty miles inland.
  • Tensions exist on both sides of the demilitarized zone separating north korea and south korea.
  • One of the soldiers tells how they were given special surveillance and anti-surveillance training before being demilitarised by the army so they could return to Ireland as double agents.
  • The President of South Korea Ron Moo -hyun walks across the Korean Demilitarized Zone in traveling to Pyogyang for talks with North Korean leader Kim Jon Il.
  • In the main agreement, Germany recognized its frontier with France and Belgium as specified in the Treaty of Versailles, along with the demilitarized status of the Rhineland.
  • The country held symbolic ground-breaking ceremonies to relink railways and roads through the heavily fortified demilitarized zone splitting the peninsula.
  • The railway and road construction works require the removal of land mines strewn across the demilitarized zone.
  • The vendor installation is located in a demilitarized zone on an IBM managed server, and is accessible to both IBM remote communications and through the vendor's firewall for vendor access.
  • In a desperate effort to keep the faltering tour project afloat, both sides agreed earlier this year to build an overland route across the demilitarized zone to carry many more tourists at much cheaper prices.
  • Neither side has started to demilitarise - a process that was due to begin in February.
  • A small strip of land, the demilitarized zone, separates the two sides.
  • Speaking at a joint Burundi/SA Women in Dialogue (SAWID) conference in Kempton Park, Mbeki said Burundi had three months to draft and debate a constitution, call a referendum to vote on it, develop an IEC, and demilitarise the country - in order to hold free and fair elections on October 31. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • The title is derived from the codename for a remote, mountainous military outpost, a "firebase", near the demilitarised zone (DMZ) separating North and South Vietnam and the Laos border, not unlike the notorious Hill 937, or Hamburger Hill. Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes
  • Earlier this year, Taiwan began removing anti-ship barricades in Kinmen, also known as Quemoy, as part of a broader effort to demilitarize the islands. Breaking News - The Post Chronicle

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