[ US /ˌdɛməˈɡɑdʒɪk/ ]
  1. characteristic of or resembling a demagogue
    demagogic speeches
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How To Use demagogic In A Sentence

  • A plan characterized by demagogic war cries of "Drill, baby, drill" that sound eerily similar to the incantations of disciples on the verge of englutting a ceremonial Jonestown toast. Michael Hughes: This Election, Plates of Human History Will Shift
  • It would have encouraged white/black coalitions that hampered the implementation of the kind of demagogic mob politics Mugabe has used to fortify his political power at the expense of his country's happiness. Latest Articles
  • There was a meeting of the "Comite de Tierras Urbanas", some administrative monstrosity who is trying to treat urban lands as if they were Agricultural AND Urban lands, in the spirit of the most demagogical of all Chavez programs, the artificially recreated version of "Los Sin Tierras", the landless. Great moments in populism
  • Bismarck taught the king to bury the Prussian towns in an ­avalanche of votes from newly enfranchised and resentful peasants, who he rallied with demagogic rhetoric, calling the perfectly reasonable Prussian liberals "loafers, freebooters, all sorts of scum. The Shrewdest of the Shrewd
  • If they do vote it is only for the most demagogic of reasons.
  • Overall, this stance of ‘solve X and Y before you tackle Z’ comes across to me as mere demagogic rhetoric, the end result of which will be that X, Y, and Z will remain unsolved.
  • “Welfare programs,” which is more a demagogic slur than an actual policy, is relatively unpopular amongst conservatives, but the constituent parts of welfare, aid to the poor, childcare, social security, are supported by conservatives. dm says: Matthew Yglesias » Corrected Graph on Conservative Cuts
  • Gian Marco Moratti, chairman of Italy's second-largest independent refiner by capacity, Saras SpA, criticized the measures, calling them "demagogical. Italy Plans 'Robin Hood' Taxes for Oil Firms
  • What's so depressing about the current censorship is its lack of imagination, its dull-witted displacements and deletions, its demagogic vacuity.
  • Keeping the cuts in the marriage penalty and the increase in the dependent deduction could, he said, help shield the Democrats against "demagogic" attacks by the GOP. Campaign 2004: Democrats: Time To Start The Tax-P
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