[ US /ˈdɛɫəkət/ ]
[ UK /dˈɛlɪkət/ ]
  1. of an instrument or device; capable of registering minute differences or changes precisely
    almost undetectable with even the most delicate instruments
  2. difficult to handle; requiring great tact
    hesitates to be explicit on so ticklish a matter
    delicate negotiations with the big powers
    a touchy subject
  3. marked by great skill especially in meticulous technique
    a surgeon's delicate touch
  4. exquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; susceptible to injury
    delicate china
    a delicate flavor
    the delicate wing of a butterfly
    a delicate violin passage
  5. easily hurt
    soft hands
    a baby's delicate skin
  6. easily broken or damaged or destroyed
    fragile porcelain plates
    a kite too delicate to fly safely
    fragile old bones
    a frail craft
  7. developed with extreme delicacy and subtlety
    the satire touches with finespun ridicule every kind of human pretense
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How To Use delicate In A Sentence

  • A dried-out horseshoe crab is a delicate thing and there's no way it would survive the flight in my checked baggage. Horseshoe Crabs and the TSA
  • The glistening mushrooms were plump and earthy against the dry, crunchy pastry softened by the delicate, herby cream sauce.
  • A touch is all that is needed to lube delicate trigger mechanisms, firing pins, ejectors, extractors and springs.
  • Khad's slight build and almost feminine looks gave him a delicate look.
  • On fair skin, pale shades are delicate enough not to overpower your colouring.
  • I tried both the delicate, unsalty gravadlax and a tartare served with the roe and a very lemony asparagus salad.
  • Ochre and red rippled across the male's mantle, in the delicate, complex traceries of which only males were capable.
  • Robert Dossie described three categories of watercolor painting — miniature, the most delicate; distemper, which is coarser, uses less expensive colors in a glue or casein binder, and is appropriate for canvas hangings, ceilings, and other interior decorative painting purposes; and fresco. reference As a technique practiced by the Romans, fresco painting was a subject of particularly interest in the antiquity-obsessed eighteenth-century. The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe
  • The delicate cycle, which uses a slower and gentler spin intensity, is for laundering lingerie, stockings and other garments that are normally handwashed.
  • Photographs of Ayesha were appearing in all the papers, and the pilgrims even passed advertising hoardings on which the lepidopteral beauty had been painted three times as large as life, beside slogans reading _Our cloths also are as delicate as a butterfly's wing_, or suchlike. The Satanic Verses
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