[ UK /dˌiːha‍ɪdɹˈe‍ɪt/ ]
[ US /dɪˈhaɪdɹeɪt/ ]
  1. lose water or moisture
    In the desert, you get dehydrated very quickly
  2. remove water from
    All this exercise and sweating has dehydrated me
  3. preserve by removing all water and liquids from
    carry dehydrated food on your camping trip
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How To Use dehydrate In A Sentence

  • They called C4, which is Mexico's emergency dispatch system and advised them that they had been lost for two days, were stranded, dehydrated, and were going to light a signal fire to attempt to get some help," said Cal Fire spokesperson Roxanne Provaznik. Knowledge is Power
  • (Salmon, salt, pepper, sugar, and dill – the osmotic pressure semi-dehydrates the salmon, creating a brine that it sits in.) Chris Travers (Quote) The Volokh Conspiracy » Are Carbs Worse than Fat?
  • The picture shows a dehydrated snowman: just his hat, coal eyes, carrot nose and stick arms remain.
  • In the desert, you get dehydrated very quickly
  • He grimaced at the thought of eating dehydrated food; I described the simple pleasure of drinking ice-cold water from a mountain stream.
  • Dehydrated garlic prepared from fresh, mature, and clean wholesome bulb of the perennial plant Allium Sativum L.
  • Yes, if the athlete is dehydrated, any water will accomplish that, dumbo!
  • Alcohol acts as a diuretic, making you even more dehydrated.
  • When my body can dehydrate and lose its water just like the land drying up.
  • Stained elements were dehydrated in a graded series of alcohols, cleared in xylene, and mounted in histological resin.
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