1. (of e.g. fruits and anthers) opening spontaneously at maturity to release seeds
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How To Use dehiscent In A Sentence

  • The fruits are ordinarily dehiscent capsules, while some species have baccate fruits or nut-like fruits.
  • Despite this distribution, dehiscence does not occur in two sets: when the flower opens usually only one or two stamens are fertile, the others being short and indehiscent; these gradually elongate and open.
  • In this paper, a case of dehiscent jugular bulb presenting as an asymptomatic retrotympanic bluish mass in the right ear of a 49-year-old male is reported.
  • The nutritious indehiscent pods have evolved for animal dispersal. Chapter 10
  • He observed that only pulpy, but indehiscent, fruits with a juicy, sweet flesh produce ethanol when becoming overripe.
  • Seeds are dispersed by herbivores eating the indehiscent pods or by the pods floating down rivers. Chapter 10
  • Cones indehiscent, from 9 to 14 cm. long, short-pedunculate, ovoid-conical or subcylindrical; apophyses dull pale nut-brown, rugose, shrinking much in drying and exposing the seeds, prolonged and tapering to a more or less reflexed tip, the umbo inconspicuous; seeds large, wingless, the spermoderm entire. The Genus Pinus
  • Unlike most legumes, the Pterocarpus fruit is indehiscent and dispersed by wind. Chapter 8
  • Berry A juicy indehiscent fruit having the seeds enclosed in pulp. Chapter 9
  • Sauer consequently provided the name Amaranthus rudis for plants with a circumscissily dehiscent utricle and single, well developed sepal.
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