1. the act of swallowing
    he took a drink of his beer and smacked his lips
    one swallow of the liquid was enough
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How To Use deglutition In A Sentence

  • It well deserves its name ossifrage, bone breaker, for "not only does he push kids and lambs and even men off the rocks, but he takes the bones of animals that other birds of prey have denuded of the flesh high up into the air and lets them fall upon a stone in order to crack them and render them more digestible even for his enormous powers of deglutition. Smith's Bible Dictionary
  • Cyst happens at glossal blind aperture below or when around ministry, glossal root ministry can produce deglutition , language and breathing function obstacle because of strut.
  • These are inhibitory reflexes, excited by deglutition, by gastric distension, and by intestinal dilatation.
  • I had a prof. several semesters ago who constantly spoke of the "edacious deglutition of pig". ADMINICLE.
  • These are inhibitory reflexes, excited by deglutition, by gastric distension, and by intestinal dilatation.
  • The fruit of the nutmeg is undoubtedly swallowed whole by the bird, and to the powers of deglutition is left the separation of the nutritive portion which we know as mace, from the hard and indigestible nut which is voided in flight. The Confessions of a Beachcomber
  • Yet all these motions, though executed by different and distinct organs, are performed harmoniously, and in such order that they seem to constitute but a single motion and act, which we call deglutition. On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals
  • This interesting part of the process of digestion, called deglutition or swallowing, is most easily and pleasantly performed, when the alimentary morsel has been well masticated and properly softened, not by drink, which should never be taken at this time, but by saliva. Popular Education For the use of Parents and Teachers, and for Young Persons of Both Sexes
  • Other factors include general anesthesia, loss of consciousness, structural abnormalities of the pharynx and neuromuscular disorders, deglutition abnormalities.
  • The process of deglutition begins with the bolus formation in the oral cavity.
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