deflationary spiral

  1. an episode of deflation in which prices and wages decrease at an increasing rate and currency gains in value
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How To Use deflationary spiral In A Sentence

  • The favoured policy solution is, don't get into a deflationary spiral in the first place. Times, Sunday Times
  • All the evidence is that policymakers will do virtually anything rather than see a deflationary spiral take hold. Times, Sunday Times
  • Fear of the equity markets, and the addiction to saving, can propel a country into a vicious downward deflationary spiral.
  • It was not at all obvious that we were in an deflationary spiral until the effective funds became decoupled from the target rate, and that was not until late October when the spread became greater than 75 basis points – and stayed there until the fed just went ahead and dropped the target to zero, which was the end of possible action on the monetary policy front. Matthew Yglesias » Actual CBO Report
  • He also said the Japanese economy is not about to fall into a deflationary spiral under which price falls and economic contraction take place simultaneously.
  • Japan's deflationary spiral in the 1990s defied government attempts at fiscal stimulus. Times, Sunday Times
  • Without such an increase, the economy might tip into a deflationary spiral such as saddled Japan with decades of stagnation. Times, Sunday Times
  • Nothing is more frightening - no economic problem more intractable - than a deflationary spiral.
  • The only way out of this kind of deflationary spiral is for the government to do something to “stimulate” demand, which is what we did. Matthew Yglesias » “Taking Money From One Place and Giving it To Another Place”
  • As Keynes proved, the only way out of a deflationary spiral is government fiscal policy – having the government spend money in order to stimulate spending by the private sector. Matthew Yglesias » ARRA Is Not Crowding Out Private Investment
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