[ US /dɪˈfɛnd/ ]
[ UK /dɪfˈɛnd/ ]
  1. state or assert
    He maintained his innocence
  2. be the defense counsel for someone in a trial
    Ms. Smith will represent the defendant
  3. be on the defensive; act against an attack
  4. argue or speak in defense of
    She supported the motion to strike
  5. fight against or resist strongly
    Don't fight it!
    The senator said he would oppose the bill
  6. protect against a challenge or attack
    Hold the bridge against the enemy's attacks
    Hold that position behind the trees!
  7. protect or fight for as a champion
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How To Use defend In A Sentence

  • The defendant was released on bail until his trial next year. Times, Sunday Times
  • The distich caused discussion regarding the quantity of "hic", but the pope defended the prosody of Voltaire who confirmed his opinion by a quotation from Virgil which he said ought to be the epitaph of The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 2: Assizes-Browne
  • You live and die by the way you defend and attack. The Sun
  • The police claimed that reports in the media were slanted against/towards the defendant.
  • The family is the one place that should be a guarantee of safety to its members, especially its most vulnerable members, and this legislation goes part-way towards trying to define that and to defend that right.
  • Dunstan: Dunstan: “What happens if the program administrator refuses to certify that the defendant “completed” the program on the grounds that the defendant refused to agree with certain teachings?” The Volokh Conspiracy » Stringent Constitutional Limits on Anger Management Classes, Anti-Drug/Alcohol-Abuse Classes, or Even Traffic School as Alternatives to Prosecution?
  • Church of Constantinople was still strong, as is shown by the great work of S. Theodore of the S.udium, famous as a hymn-writer, a liturgiologist, and a defender of the faith. The Church and the Barbarians Being an Outline of the History of the Church from A.D. 461 to A.D. 1003
  • Jackson and Lee continued to preside over the wanton slaughter of men, women and children to defend the rights of freedom for white Virginians while supporting the slavery of black Virginians, among others.
  • Much of the defendant's evidence focused on his long-term condition myasthenia gravis. Times, Sunday Times
  • The consecutive statements, allegations, and counterallegations made in turn by plaintiff and defendant, or prosecutor and accused, in a legal proceeding.
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