How To Use Default judgment In A Sentence

  • As Professor Edmundson further points out, even though a default judgment would not "vindicate" Ms. Jones, if accompanied by a statement that the President chose not to demean his office by defending such a civil suit, there would be a question of public reaction. Clinton & the Jones Case
  • A default judgment would in no way "vindicate" Jones if the President's stated reason for refusing further to defend the suit was the (by now all-too-obvious) fact that defending would demean his office and unduly distract him from doing the people's work. Clinton & the Jones Case
  • Matthew Cradock [first Governor of the Company] comes in, having had time to interplead, etc., and on his default judgment was given, that he should be convicted of the usurpation charged in the information, and that the said liberties, privileges and franchises should be taken and seized into the King's hands; the said Matthew not to intermeddle with and be excluded the use thereof, and the said Matthew to be taken to answer to the King for the said usurpation. The Loyalists of America and Their Times, Vol. 1 of 2. From 1620-1816
  • When an accused ‘obligor’ fails, for whatever reason, to send his response on time, the court automatically issues a ‘default judgment,’ declaring him the legal father. Daddy by Default
  • Thus, he was an undischarged bankrupt when the writs were issued and when he obtained the default judgments.
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  • Default judgments including damages for economic loss, pain, suffering and solatium were given.
  • Rather than go to court, civil defendants may accept default judgments.
  • In the end, we discuss the interlinking problem between the system of default judgment and the system judging by withdrawing claims, seeking more harmony in the system of civil withdrawing claims.
  • To succeed in setting aside a Default Judgment, the Defendant must satisfy this three-part conjunctive test.
  • Rather than go to court, civil defendants may accept default judgments.

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