1. grow quieter
    The music decrescendoes here
  1. (music) a gradual decrease in loudness
  1. (music) gradually decreasing in volume
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How To Use decrescendo In A Sentence

  • The scene, she explains is a decrescendo, the denouement of everything that has happened before it; the build up and heyday of Rome; these women becoming trophy brides, the beautiful houses, clothes and hairdos - and it all falls apart. Spread ArtCulture: Interview: Eve Sussman - on the making of her film, Rape of the Sabine Women
  • She is always in the groove of the phrase, which makes her crescendos and decrescendos seamless and undistorted.
  • Instead of merely playing the whole piece as softly as possible, we play opposite dynamics: forte where it should be piano, a decrescendo where there should be a crescendo.
  • Perhaps most easily observed, is Obama's way of ending statements with a decrescendo – settling his statement into a soft landing in the deeper part of his baritone range. The 'Obama Effect' on Our Language
  • The first section of "Eri tu" is rendered in a splendidly firm, strong-lined legato, the words crystal-clear; it comes to an end with a decrescendo and portamento down from the top F on "guisa," a most expressive turn and acciaccatura on "primo," and a fermata at the end of the phrase. Conrad L. Osborne: Best Opera Critic Ever
  • It was followed by a mournful decrescendo that filled the clearing with sadness.
  • The musical phraseology was convincing, and the crescendos and decrescendos were accurately measured and performed.
  • Zinman did not quite observe Elgar's arduous modulations, some within the span of a mere two-to-three bars, from crescendo and pianissimo to decrescendo and fortissimo.
  • He played quite well, especially the wind instruments, but simply couldn't make up for all the lost musicians, and the judges finally stopped him when he started humming the decrescendos.
  • She turned it slightly, and the car started with a load roar, and then there was a decrescendo into an inviting purr… a weird combination of the traditional piston and the new-age rotary technology.
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