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How To Use ddC In A Sentence

  • Development of reusable components such as DDC, DUC, Digital FIR Filters, Poly-phase filters, Modulators and De-Modulators for various communication standards, MAC (Media Access Control) Layer and protocol layers, Components for FEC, RF Analog Front End as IP HomeToys News
  • I worked with interior designer Jesse Carrier to merge raw, industrial elements of the space with found items like 19th-century doors from upstate New York and Charme chairs from DDC. The Lady Whisperer
  • In De doctrina Christiana (henceforth "DDC"), St. Augustine lays the groundwork for a good, spiritual exegesis by elucidating on the virtue of charity, and all that means. The Scriptural Roots of St. Augustine's Spirituality
  • Secondly, we propose theformal definition of a DDC - LCC and an Ontology - classification - scheme mapping.
  • EDID and HDCP are implemented by storing pertinent information on a chip in the monitor, which information is then communicated to the computer to which the monitor is connected via a "DDC" wire in the video cable. HomeToys News
  • Several researchers reported that combining AZT with the experimental drugs known as DDC and DDI substantially increased survival rates. In Florence, A Meeting Of Mysteries
  • This lovely "mugshot" is from Sunday morning at OddCon. Archive 2008-04-07
  • To use its self-configured function , The DDC can be used in center air-condition endmost equipment, the quality of air , wind machine , water pump , liquid location , compressive stress and so on.
  • May I suggest, that in honouring the promise you made your wife, the sonnet form you choose is the Italian Sonnet form, which is Petrarchan; so obviously will be in iambic pentameter, but the most comfortable and (in my opinion) elegant form: abbacddceffegg. Roses and poems « Write Anything
  • DDCIs limit conversion of levodopa to dopamine in peripheral tissues, which allows a greater proportion of the levodopa to enter the brain and minimizes its adverse side effects.
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