How To Use Darpa In A Sentence

  • Virginia/Tokyo/Vietnamese Highlands The DARPA laboratory for experimental nucleonics in which Douglas Serman worked was in the wilds of rural Virginia. Floating City
  • DARPA is funding research into nanomechanical chips that are hoped to be more rugged than traditional silicon based chips. Archive 2008-03-01
  • Ido Aharoni, Israel's consul general in New York, says the closest thing America has is DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
  • DARPA officials plan to use the cyber range to test technology for the Global Information Grid, the Defense Department's network for warfighters and other personnel.
  • In turn, DARPA‘s activities are part of a larger effort between DOD, academia and the private sector to better defend national networks.
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  • At last, he relented, giving Croaker specific directions to the DARPA lab for experimental nucleonics. FLOATING CITY
  • Saving the planet the American way: DARPA is beginning to research geoengineering. Saving the Planet the American Way « Gerry Canavan
  • He'd found some interesting tidbits in an unclassified DARPA document under the heading of "accomplishments," including a paragraph about biocybernetics, and he ran with it. Analog Science Fiction and Fact
  • DARPA is filling a void in the technology development path. Matthew Yglesias » Robots and DARPA
  • DARPA is holding a competition to find ten large weather balloons. Boing Boing Moderation Policy - Boing Boing
  • This video was transfered from the satellite feed provided by DARPA on the day of the race. Boing Boing: March 28, 2004 - April 3, 2004 Archives
  • By implementing the technology in soldiers 'helmets, DARPA hopes to provide advantages to US troops by enhancing cognitive abilities; improving long-term alertness; and reducing stress, anxiety, and pain. - latest science and technology news stories
  • BBC | Solar plane flies into the night O Zephyr, protótipo de UAV da Quinetiq a versão britânica da DARPA, bateu um recorde aeronáutico, não oficialmente, ao voar mais de 54 horas continuamente. Leituras
  • Stanford has done well in DARPA Grand Challenge competitions aimed at developing autonomous vehicles. Beyond the grand challenge
  • Witness the DARPA ballon project last month. 10 balloons randomly placed around the US and an impromptu social network found them in 8: 52. Matthew Yglesias » The Conservative Terror Timeline
  • And while DARPA is "open to possible restrictions on the accessibility of collected data" in recognition of "the sensitivity of data collected from … live systems," they declare, "the fewer and milder restrictions on data access, the better. Jay Stanley: The Software That Stares at Goats? Pentagon Building System For Massive E-Mail Privacy Violation
  • At no point, until two Senators called their bluff on Monday, did the bright sparks at The Economist magazine or DARPA acknowledge that such a market could be rigged.
  • From its inception, DARPA funded long-term nonclassified IT research in academia, even during several wars, to leverage all the best minds. Archive 2005-05-01
  • In addition, he commenced a sub-rosa communication witk Douglas Sermana, a brother-in-arms working at the DARPA laboratory for experimental nucleonics in the American, state of Virginia. Floating City
  • DARPA had no stomach for another privacy controversy and killed the project.
  • Some company or companies out there will have a feast on the $35 million DARPA is doling out for this project, that's for sure — but it's not money well spent. Jay Stanley: The Software That Stares at Goats? Pentagon Building System For Massive E-Mail Privacy Violation
  • It could be informed of the positions of the strikes over LF comms by a single specialised surface base station, similarly far off, and thus calculate its own position from sferic data coming in from several directions. reportedly the subject of a small DARPA feasibility investigation last year. The Register
  • DARPA is continuing to harness natural animal motor skills in combination with artificial control systems, but is now looking into using smaller test subjects. Spy Bugs: The Next Generation Of Surveillance? | Disinformation
  • Not only is it a science fiction author's ultimate idea repository and writer's-block alleviator, but the folks at DARPA obviously have a sense of humor about their overtly Matrix-like, world-dominating aspirations. Brave New World Order: A Googlement Above, Around, and Ahead of the People

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