[ US /ˈdæm/ ]
[ UK /dˈæm/ ]
  1. something of little value
    his promise is not worth a damn
    not worth one red cent
    not worth shucks
  1. wish harm upon; invoke evil upon
    The bad witch cursed the child
  1. extremely
    Why are you so all-fired aggressive?
    you are bloody right
  1. expletives used informally as intensifiers
    not a blessed dime
    it's a blamed shame
    he's a blasted idiot
    he's a damn (or goddam or goddamned) fool
    a deuced idiot
    an infernal nuisance
    a blame cold winter
    I'll be damned (or blessed or darned or goddamned) if I'll do any such thing
  2. used as expletives
    oh, damn (or goddamn)!
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How To Use damn In A Sentence

  • A damning indictment for a Paul Bartel film, Lust in the Dust is found guilty of being bland and lame.
  • How anyone could have read some sinister intent into those views is indeed puzzling, and illustrates well how those damned Jewshow certain hypersensitive and overly privileged people who feel superior to the rest of the world are willing to cut their own throats for short term advantage by using unjustified charges of anti-semitism to point out how they take advantage of their position in any nation or institution who trusts them so as to benefit their own in group at the expense of that nation or institution. The Volokh Conspiracy » Why Catholics and Jews?
  • The Girl relucted a little, upon which he gave her 3 Guineas, and wished he might be damned if he did not have her in 3 months. John Adams diary 1, 18 November 1755 - 29 August 1756
  • Finally she says to me: You could at least clean that damn thing every once in a while.
  • Oh, damn the lousy tribe of them!" cried he, beating his palm upon the table; "what's Long Davie the dempster thinking of to be letting such folk come scorning here? Doom Castle
  • At least Steven Pinker can tell us why we curse and why cursing is so goddamn hard to give up: All Be Galdangit
  • Of course, Whitty himself ain’t exactly a peach; he loves him some torture, and buries knives in bellies with minimal provocation; when it comes to witch-hunting, he’s of the “burn her alive now, ask questions … well, don’t really bother asking questions, it’s just so damn fun to burn people, let’s do it some more!” school. Cry of the Banshee « Skid Roche
  • The Christian conspectus or theatre in the old sense has a happy ending, whether the protagonist triumphs or is damned, because God's justice has been done.
  • Politicians have very accurately gauged the impotence of writers; they don't give a damn for their opinions.
  • One in 10 asthma deaths in Scotland is due to inadequate treatment and widespread ignorance of the condition among health staff, a damning new report has revealed.
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